Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints! I have the four new(ish) shades and have previously reviewed the original 6 shades too. I was obviously very drawn to the cute Popsicle shaped packaging (who wouldn't be) so when Etude House released four new shades I knew I had to add them to the collection!

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The moisture tint expresses sweet color like ice cream as it refreshingly melts into the lips

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The packaging of these tints is of course super cute, they are shaped like little Popsicles which I think is adorable! The handle of the wand is a little small and fiddly to hold, but it's still mostly easy to use, and each tint has a doe foot applicator for the wand. I find these a little tricky to apply accurately because the wand is so short, but it's not the worst applicator I've used.

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Etude House Tint RD308 1.png

RD308 is a beautiful warm toned red shade

Etude House Tint RD308 2.png

This is a lovely classic shade and is very pigmented! The majority of the shades in the first collection were quite sheer with the exception of the first red.

Etude House Tint RD308 3.png

I wanted to compare the two red shades from the other collection to RD308 which is the new red shade. I found that RD308 was much darker and a little more warm toned than Shark Red, Watermelon Red is a very similar tone, but much lighter and sheerer than RD308.

Etude House Tint RD308 4.png


Etude House Tint OR207 1.png

OR207 is a vibrant orange shade.

Etude House Tint OR207 2.png

This shade is quite similar to RD308 because it is very pigmented, but it's a very red based orange! I don't mind this shade too much, I'm not usually a big fan of orange shades, but this does look quite red so I think it looks quite nice on my skintone.

Etude House Tint OR207 3.png

These tint's don't have the best longevity, even with the darker and more pigmented shades. They don't dry down to be smudgeproof, so whenever I eat they do wear off quite quickly. However, since they don't dry down they do feel quite moisturising which I actually like!

Etude House Tint OR207 4.png


Etude House Tint BR402 1.png

BR402 is a beautiful brick brown shade.

Etude House Tint BR402 2.png

This shade is quite sheer and mixes really beautifully with my natural lip shade. This shade has gold shimmer throughout the formula which I can see in the container, but on my lips or on the arm swatches I can't see it at all. It's probably my least favourite in the range because I don't love brown tones on my skin tone personally, but I still think the inclusion of a brown tone is really great! Just because it doesn't look amazing on me doesn't mean that it won't look absolutely beautiful on Princesses with different skintones to me!

Etude House Tint BR402 3.png


Etude House Tint BR403 1.png

BR403 is a dusty rose shade.

Etude House Tint BR403 2.png

This shade is definitely a little more up my alley and probably gets the most wear from me out of these four shades. It looks so pretty on my skintone, and it's actually quite similar to BR402 but just that little bit pinker.

Etude House Tint BR403 3.png

Final Thoughts

I still really like these lip tints! I actually don't mind that they don't dry down to be smudgeproof, my lips get quite dry so these tints actually keep them moisturised which is really nice! I do like the colour range, but for me personally the original collection still gets more wear. I do like the inclusion of the brown toned nude shades for something a little different, though for me personally the browns look quite similar and the reds look quite similar. They have very cute packaging, they're pretty inexpensive at around $5USD each and the shades across the whole range really are beautiful. I'm a huge fan of these lip tints in general!


You can purchase the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints here!

Becca McAvinue