Peripera Pearly Night Ink Highlighter

Peripera Highlight 0.png

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Pearly Night Ink Highlighter! I picked these up from the Pearly Night holiday collection because I thought that the highlighter shades looked so pretty, and the packaging looked beautiful too!

Peripera Highlight 1.png

The one and only, sparkling and voluminous face Mysterious and dazzling twinkle like stars on your face. It volumizes with mysterious radiance to highlight your face. A pretty volume filter was added for cleaner skin! Thin and light adhesion like permeating ink Easy to use before and after applying makeup It thinly, yet completely clings like permeating ink, while lasting long! Can be used on your cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin and collarbone.

Peripera Highlight 2.png

These highlights come packaged in the classic Peripera tint tubes. I really like the Pearly Night printing on the tubes, the holo is so cute! They have a doefoot applicator which applies the highlight very easily. There are two shades in this collection, a lavender and a pink shade!

Peripera Highlight 3.png

Lavender Space Beam

Peripera Highlight Lavender 1.png

Lavender space beam is a bright lavender with silver reflect.

Peripera Highlight Lavender 2.png

I found these highlights so easy to apply, I can dab a couple of dots onto my skin and blend it straight out with my fingers. I would recommend blending everything quite quickly, because the highlights tend to dry down really quickly and I ended up with little dots of highlight that wouldn't blend out if I did it too slowly! I really like Lavender Space Beam as a shade, it looks quite subtle, but I can still defiitely see it.

Peripera Highlight Lavender 3.png

Pink Champagne Beam

Peripera Highlight Pink 1.png

Pink Champagne Beam is a pretty warm toned highlight.

Peripera Highlight Pink 2.png

This shade is super pretty, but I find that it blends a little too much into my warm toned skin and it's not quite as obvious as the Lavender shade. It's more of a natural every day shade for me!

Peripera Highlight Pink 3.png

Final Thoughts

These highlights come in really pretty packaging, don't cost too much at around $7-9USD each and have two really pretty shades. I find that the Lavender shade is a little more exciting and different for me because I've never used a Lavender highlight before, but I do actually get the most use out of the Pink Champagne shade because it does look a lot more natural on my skin tone. Both of these two shades are total wins for me, so if you see either of them in stock I think they are a great purchase!

Becca McAvinue