Peripera Ink Color Cara

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Ink Color Cara! I picked the shade Black Deep Blue Jean (or in simpler terms, Navy) for my Full Face of Peripera and ended up quite liking it! I thought that I would review it as soon as possible as I don't usually keep my mascaras for that long.

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With perfect curling as a must! A color mascara with subtle colors, but keeping strong ink-like setting effect. For your colorful life!

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This mascara comes housed in quite a petite tube, it has the same cap to the wand as all of the lip tints which is quite cute! This full size mascara is almost as small as my deluxe sample mascaras, so it's very travel friendly. It has a slightly curved wand that has nice feathery bristles.

Peripera Mascara 3.png

I chose the shade Black Deep Blue Jean so I could try something a little different! It's a very dark navy, but definitely looks a little blue.

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I find this mascara pretty easy to apply, the wand is very easy to hold and the lash brush combs out my lashes nicely so I don't get any clumping. This mascara is fantastic for helping my lashes stay curled throughout the day (though I still use a lash curler) and I don't get any smudging either.

Peripera Mascara 5.png

My natural lashes are quite long because I use Revitalash and I don't think this mascara makes them appear any longer or any more voluminous. I do quite like the colour though, I can definitely see a little of the navy on my lashes!

Peripera Mascara 6.png

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using this mascara and it's definitely one that I would try the other shades in. There are two other coloured shades (a brown and a pinky brown shade) which look really beautiful too. I think that it's a lovely mascara for the price, it helps my lashes stay curled and lasts really well throughout the day. It's not super lengthening or volumising, but I don't really mind that as my lashes are pretty long already. I think the Navy shade is a great pick for something a little different, but not too extreme!

You can purchase the Peripera Ink Color Cara from Roseroseshop for $6.67

Becca McAvinue