Peripera Blur Pang Milk Blur

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Hello princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera  Blur Pang Milk Blur! There are three shades in this collection and I managed to grab them all in a cute little mini set from Roseroseshop that also included the cutest little key chain shaped like the primers! I saw Un:a use one of these primers once and it made her skin look so beautiful, I knew I needed to try these!

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Speedy tone up and blur effect cream that makes bright & correct skin tone.

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These primers come housed in cute little squeeze bottles that make it quite easy to disperse the cream. I have the mini size which contains 25ml, though the full size looks the same but bigger at 50ml. There are three shades in the collection and each shade has a slightly different function which is really cool.

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Tone up & CC Effect (SPF30 PA++)

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Peach is a light pink shade. This shade is the only one that contains spf.

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These primers are so easy to spread out, you only need a tiny bit for your entire face. I do find that sometimes I get little streaks in the colour if I don't blend it out enough, but it's usually very easy to fix. The Peach shade has the least amount of white cast, but it does make my skin look pinker which I personally don't like.

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I only used this primer on the left side of my face and once I apply the Peripera cushion foundation over the top I really can't see a difference. I think that the peach shade is really pretty by itself and does make my skin look a little pinker than usual, but it doesn't make a difference when used under make up.

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Tone up & Natural Cover Effect

Peripera Blur Banana 1.jpg

Banana is a very pale yellow shade. This shade suits me quite well since my skin is already very warm toned.

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This shade has quite a strong white cast and actually does help to cover up some lighter blemishes. It doesn't look great if I just use it on my face because my face is lighter than my neck at the moment as it is, so making it even lighter just looks silly. However, I LOVE using this shade on my neck to match my face. I neglected sunscreen on my neck ONCE this summer, but I tan extremely easily, so my neck is substantially tanner than most of my body which is bizzare. This primer can catch on some dry patches of my skin.

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I only used this primer on the left side of my face and once I apply the Peripera cushion foundation over the top I really can't see a difference. I thought this primer would increase the coverage of the foundation but it's really very similar. Since it's not a hydrating primer or pore filling it doesn't make a difference in that aspect, but I thought one side of my face would be slightly lighter, but again I really can't see that.

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Tone up & Skin Care Effect

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Pure is a white shade.  This shade has the most white cast and is slightly hydrating.

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This is another shade that I prefer using on my neck and it's the shade that works the best since it has no extra colours, it just makes my skin appear paler but with the same tone. I really like these tone up creams because they dry down nicely and don't move throughout the day which is especially handy since I mostly use them on my neck, they don't rub off on my clothes which is awesome.

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I only used this primer on the left side of my face and once I apply the Peripera cushion foundation over the top, and again, I really can't see a difference. For me personally, these work best without make up, even with the strong white cast of this primer I can't see the effect after I apply foundation.

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Final Thoughts

Though I don't like using these tone up primers underneath makeup, I quite enjoy using these on my neck and arms. My skin tans very quickly when I'm not diligent with my sunscreen, so my neck and arms got quite tan this summer much to my annoyance. I don't think that white skin is the best and everyone should be white, but I like using the same foundations year round so when I change skin tone it does annoy me a little. These tone up creams have actually been really nice to use on the tanned parts of my body that don't match the rest of my paler skin which is really nice! I think that the Pure Milk Blur is my favourite out of the three shades and the Peach is my least favourite, so once these are all finished I may look into grabbing the full size of the Pure Milk Blur, although I wish that all three shades have SPF30 like the Peach does!

You can purchase the Peripera Blur Pang Milk Blur from Roseroseshop for $6.80!

Becca McAvinue