Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet! I saw these back in November last year and thought the colour range looked really pretty and wearable, so I decided to grab the range! I have previously tried the regular liquid tints and quite liked them, and of course the packaging is just way too cute too!

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One layer of light, closely adhering finish. Kiss-proof, powerful-fixing lasting power. Strong effect, more romantic color

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Of course these tints have super cute wine bottle shaped packaging which adds to the appeal. They have a doe foot wand that make the tints easy to apply, though the wand applicator is a little small and awkward to hold. There are six shades in the velvet range and I quite like the shade range! It doesn't include the classic bright K Beauty shades like the hot pink, bright orange and red, but rather a range of more soft and muted shades.

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BE01 Terroir Nude

be01 1.png

Terroir Nude a pale, warm toned nude.

be01 2.png

The is a fairly natural nude shade for me, though it does lean slightly orange. I find these tints very easy to apply, though the little applicator wand can be a little fiddly to hold as it's so small. This is the lightest shade in the range, but even a thin layer colours my lips perfectly.

be01 3.png

PK01 Saint Rose

pk01 1.png

Saint Rose is a beautiful dusty rose shade.

pk01 2.png

This is actually my favourite shade in the range! It's the perfect dusty rose for every day wear, it's not a my lips but better shade, but I do find that the shade matches well to almost all of my outfits. These tints do dry down to a lovely soft matte finish, but are not smudgeproof. This means that they are lovely on dry lips, though I do recommend exfoliating any dead skin off before application for a beautiful finish.

pk01 3.png

PK02 Verdot Pink

pk02 1.png

Verdot Pink is a vibrant strawberry pink shade.

pk02 2.png

This is another really pretty shade and one that I get a lot of wear out of! For me this is almost a barbie pink, but I actually really love it! I find that these tints stain my lips really nicely, it helps them to fade out nicely throughout the day so that I don't end up with a ring around the outside of my lips after eating or drinking.

pk02 3.png

CR01 Chalon Coral

cr01 1.png

Chalon Coral is a lovely muted coral shade.

cr01 2.png

This is another lovely shade that I get a lot of wear out of. This is a similar shade to the other two pinks, but definitely has the orange undertones. I find that these tints are best applied sparingly, when I apply too much I find that they start to collect around the inner lip (like the photos here) and it doesn't look as good or wear as well.

cr01 3.png

OR01 Rose Orange

OR01 1.png

Rose Orange is a pretty muted orange shade.

OR01 2.png

I don't usually like orange shades, but this isn't too bad! It has a more muted tone rather than the bright carrot orange tone that K Beauty shades usually come in, and I think this suits me a little better. This is still my least favourite shade in the collection, not because I don't like it, but because I like the other shades more! These tints have fairly good longevity, and last on my lips for between 3-5 hours without eating or drinking.

OR01 3.png

RD01 Swirling Red

RD01 1.png

Swirling Red is a vibrant warm toned red shade.

RD01 2.png

This is a beautiful classic colour that looks great on my skin tone. I do find that these tints have a texture that is more like a liquid lipstick rather than your traditional water or gel tint, and have quite an awful scent and taste, they smell a little like plastic to me!

RD01 3.png

Final Thoughts

I'm surprised at how much I like these lip tints! I think the packaging is absolutely adorable, the shade range suits me quite well and they have a lovely finish. I think these would make great gifts since the packaging is so cute, and the colour range would be suitable for most skin tones too. The price point varies between $7 to $15USD, so I do recommend shopping around to get the best price.

You can purchase the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet from Koreadepart for $7.77

Becca McAvinue