Etude House Face Designing V Line Slim Maker

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Face Designing V Line Slim Maker! These are a classic K Beauty product that I've never tried, but always admired from a distance. I absolutely adore the pattern on the powder, it's probably the prettiest pressed pattern I've ever seen and that really did tempt me into purchasing them. I also found them on Roseroseshop for about $6USD each which is substantially cheaper than they normally are, so I decided to snap them up!

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This makeup brings out your hidden slim V-line face contour with its highlighting and shading effects.  

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The outer packaging of these duo's is quite sweet, but the inner is actually beautiful! I really like the pressed pattern in the powder, and it's surprisingly durable, I've used these a fair few times now and the pattern is still nicely visible. These duo's also come with little brushes which are better than using your fingers but not much else. I highly recommend using your own brushes to apply the bronzer and highlight.

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There are two shades in this collection, one that has a gold highlight and one that has a pink highlight. The bronzer shades are very, very similar, the main difference is that the gold duo is quite orange and the pink duo is a little more red in tone.

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In general I found the highlights to be very pigmented, but the bronzers needed to be built up quite a lot.

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Sun Gold/Wood Brown

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The Sun Gold and Wood Brown duo is a beautiful choice for deeper skin tones. Wood Brown is quite a warm toned shade and does tend to look a little orange on my skin tone. Sun Gold is a beautiful golden highlight that looks slightly too dark on my skin tone. The highlight is super bright so from side on it does shine beautifully, however from the front it does look shadowy.

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Sun Pink/Cherry Brown

Etude House V Slim Sun Pink 1.jpg

Sun Pink and Cherry Brown are slighter better for lighter skin tones, but would still be versatile for deeper skin tones. Cherry Brown is a little deep for me personally (I'm just not that big on bronzing) and I prefer a cooler tone for contouring. I find that the highlight Sun Pink is really flattering on my skin tone, it's very bright and you don't need much of it at all to build up a beautiful glow.

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Final Thoughts

These little duo's are undeniably beautiful, and it's really helpful that the highlight and bronzing shade come in the same compact with a small mirror. I also really like the shape of the packaging, it's not too big, it's flat so they stack nicely, and the average brush that comes with the product isn't actually stored inside the packaging so there isn't any wasted space when I throw the brushes out. I don't think the colours are that flattering for my skin tone, but do I think they would suit a lot of other skin tones. For me, these duo's are going to feature on my instagram because I absolutely love the pattern in the pan and then they are going to go to a new home.

You can purchase the Etude House Face Designing V Line Slim Maker from Roseroseshop for $5.72

Becca McAvinue