Etude House Universe Multi Palette

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Universe Multi Palettes! I picked these up last year because I thought the packaging was super cute, and the colours looked so nice in the official swatches! These were limited edition, so if you see any of these for sale and you want them I would grab them as soon as possible!

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7-colors for eye & cheek multi-palette resembling pink or gold color galaxy

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There are two palettes in this collection, a pink and a gold palette. The packaging is so pretty, I'm not really a galaxy girl, but these are still very pretty to me. There are seven shades in each palette, six shadow shades and one cheek shade. You can use the cheek shade as a shadow shade too! K Beauty shadows are generally quite glittery and very sheer, so I was surprised to see some more pigmented shades in these palettes!

Pink Galaxy

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 1.jpg

Pink Galaxy has cool, pink toned shadows.

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 2.jpg

I prefer this palette to the Gold Galaxy palette because I think the shadow shades look better on my skin tone. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmery shades, though I do think that Moon Light is very disappointing, it's a very sheer glitter but it's almost too sheer to show up.

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 3.jpg

Pink Planet works really well as a blush and a shadow shade. It's quite subtle but can be built up easily, though sometimes I do pick up the shadow shades with my brush on accident which is quite annoying. It almost looks like a peach on my skin tone which I really like!

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 4.jpg

My favourite shades are Venus which I used in my crease and Time Warp which I used on the lid. I'm not the best at shadow (though I am practicing to get better!) so I actually like that the shades are a little more on the sheer side because they are more forgiving on beginners. I haven't been using primer with these shadows and I don't feel like I need to, though if you want the shades to be a little more vibrant you definitely can! These shadows last fairly well throughout the day and don't crease on me.

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 5.jpg

I did try out Red Worm Hole which I quite liked, I sheered it out on the outer corner of my eyes because like I said, I'm not ready for the darker shades yet! I do think that the darker shades work quite well too and this shade is so pretty.

Etude House Universe Pink Galaxy 6.jpg

Gold Galaxy

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 1.jpg

Gold Galaxy has warm toned shades.

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 2.jpg

These shades are pretty, but I feel like some of the shades look orange on my skin tone which is so weird because they do not look like that on the promo pictures or other Princesses swatches!

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 3.jpg

Gold Planet is listed as a blush shade, but I think it's more suited as a highlight for deeper skin tones. It's a little dark for me to use as a highlighter, and it's not particularly shiny it's actually more like a shimmer which is a little odd. I definitely prefer the blush in the other palette.

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 4.jpg

In this eye look I used Gravity in the crease, York Town in the inner corner and Mars in the outer corner. I really hated this eye look and you can see how orange it looks. Strangely enough, the shimmer from York Town and Mars was actually blended away for the most part and the shades look fairly matte.

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 5.jpg

A look that I was a little more about used Gravity in the crease, Sun Light in the inner corner and Lonely Pluto in the outer corner. This is a little too intense for me, but I do think that it looks cute. I need to work on blending the colours all the way down to my lash line though, not a cute look.

Etude House Universe Gold Galaxy 6.jpg

Final Thoughts

Although I only usually wear shadows four or five times a year, these super cute palettes have inspired me to try it out a little more. I definitely prefer the Pink Galaxy palette over the Gold Galaxy just because I find the shades more flattering and easier to use, but in general I like these palettes. If you're looking for super pigmented shades then I wouldn't recommend these for you, because it's only the darkest two shades that are really pigmented. I don't mind this as I am more of a beginner and have just been binge watching shadow tutorials. The packaging is also fairly travel friendly, there is a massive mirror and the Pink Galaxy shade comes with a blush too which saves a little on space. These are limited edition, so if you see them in stock and want them I definitely recommend grabbing them as soon as possible as the will sell out!

You can purchase the Etude House Universe Multi Palette from Sehoonyolo for $16.39

Becca McAvinue