Peripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Lavender Cushion

Peripera Pearly Night 0.jpg

Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Pearly Night  Ink Lasting Lavender Cushion in the shade 1! I picked this up because the packaging was just too cute, it has the flowing glitter in it which I am obsessed with! I also have enjoyed Peripera base products before and they come in a very pale shade which is almost perfect for my skin.

Peripera Pearly Night 1.jpg

It gives brilliance in a dark, dry skin. The more you use gives a sheen of moisture in the skin. It maintains radiant skin over time. Contains purple natural ingredients. (Lavender, violet, blueberry) So it keeps the luster for a long time.

Peripera Pearly Night 2.jpg

This cushion literally has the cutest packaging, I love that it has the liquid glitter on top, but it's also a pretty baby pink shade! My case is actually broken which is so annoying, but I still love it. The cushion compact houses the product, a mirror and a cushion puff. The cushion puff is a little cheap, is smells like rubber and is a little squeaky.

Peripera Pearly Night 3.jpg

The cushion itself houses the liquid foundation and you can just press your puff into the cushion to pick up the product. This makes it ideal for touch ups on the go.

Peripera Pearly Night 4.jpg

I have the shade 1, Ivory which is the lightest in the range. This is a really pretty warm toned shade, though it does lean a little more on the beige side in comparison to my perfect shade which is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia.

Peripera Pearly Night 5.jpg

I prefer to use the provided cushion puff to apply this cushion, though I have been seeing Beauty Gurus using beauty blenders to apply the product because they don't seem to quite understand how to use the puff. I find that my cushion puffs blend the product just as well as my beauty blender, and are a fraction of the price to purchase (and generally come free with the product anyway). I find this cushion very easy to apply, though I prefer to use a lighter layer to avoid any cakey skin.

Peripera Pearly Night 6.jpg

This cushion provides light coverage for my skin and leaves it with a beautiful satin finish. I can build this cushion up to medium coverage, but I find that it gets very cakey after a couple of hours wear, so I prefer to use a concealer on darker spots if necessary.

Peripera Pearly Night 7.jpg

After 8 hours of warm weather this cushion is holding up moderately well. My skin is looking quite dewy and bordering on a little oily, but the cushion hasn't broken down or separated on my skin. I don't mind the dewy look, it looks quite fresh and natural for my skin, though if you are into a matte finish you may need to blot and re-powder halfway through the day.

Peripera Pearly Night 8.jpg

Final Thoughts

This cushion has super cute packaging, a great pale shade for Porcelain Princesses and fairly good longevity. I really wish that my cushion case closed properly because it is going to be such a pain to travel with, but it's so cute and fun to play with! I really enjoy wearing this cushion, though as you can see in some of the photos I did get a little too tan for this shade over the summer (I neglected sunscreen on my neck once, BAD BECCA) so I'm going to try and save this for when the weather is a little cooler and I've faded out some of this tan with copious amounts of sunscreen and chemical exfoliants. Fading tan is hard guys! This cushion case was released for their holiday collection and seems to be mostly sold out by now, so if you see it I definitely recommend snapping it up as quickly as possible, but the cushion itself does come in a non limited edition casing, so if you can't find the super cute glitter case but still want to try the cushion itself, you definitely can.

You can purchase the Peripera (non Pearly Night edition) Ink Lasting Lavender Cushion from Korea Depart for $10.12!

Becca McAvinue