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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet! I have previously tried out the Peripera Ink Velvet line as well as the Airy Ink Velvet line, so I was definitely interested when Peripera bought out the Cloud Ink line! I did wonder what the difference between the Velvet, Airy Velvet, and Cloud Velvet formulas would have, so I swatched some at the end of the above video too.

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Soft cloud powder gel wraps the lips comfortably. Cloud color film keeps the lips light and soft. Natural ingredients tend the lips with moisture.

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These tints come housed in the standard Peripera shaped packaging. These tints do have a different wands to the normal velvet tints, these wands are straight and pick up quite a lot of the tint which makes them a little difficult to apply. There are five shades in the range which is standard for Peripera, though they may add more shades to the collection later. I am a little disappointed in the initial shade range, I just don't think that it's very interesting and I find the two red shades look almost identical on me.

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Premium Red

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Premium Red is a a nice mid toned red shade.

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This shade is nice and bright, I find it's quite a cheerful shade! I prefer this red over the other red, Reddish Rose because it is a little easier to work with. The shade is slightly cooler in tone, and because it's bright I don't need to layer on quite as much to get full opacity. I get a fair bit of wear out of this shade, but I don't think it's a special shade.

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Heart Red Orange

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Heart Red Orange is a pretty, red toned orange.

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Ahh the classic K Beauty orange shade. I'm not a fan of orange on my skin tone, and up close this shade looks like the bright carrot orange that I usually give away in a second, but from a distance it does appear as more of a red shade. I don't hate it, but as usual it's not a shade that I really reach for. I do find that these tints can get quite streaky, the wands just pick up so much of the product that it is hard to apply evenly, especially if you're reapplying.

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Pure Apricot Coral

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Pure Apricot Coral is neither Apricot coloured, nor Coral, but more like a rosy beige shade to me.

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This shade and I share a love hate relationship. If I apply a super sheer layer of this colour I get the shade that is advertised and what I've taken photos of. If I apply a generous layer, or if I'm having streaking issues and can't get it sheer enough, it looks more like arm swatch which is a darker, warm toned nude. I don't love the darker colour on my skin tone, but I find it very difficult to maintain the sheerer application throughout the day. I find that these tints have quite average longevity at around 2 hours before my lips start to feel dry, and about 3 hours before the colour starts to fade from the center of my lips.

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Pretty Fuchsia

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Pretty Fuchsia is a vibrant cool toned pink.

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This is the shade that I thought I would like the most, but I don't really think that it suits me that well! It's quite a cool toned or purple based pink, and it is the most vibrant shade in the range! These tints dry down to a satin matte finish, they aren't smudgeproof in the slightest and will transfer onto most things if my lips touch them. I find the finish similar to the Ink Velvet Line, though I find that the Airy Ink Velvets dry down more.

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Reddish Rose

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Reddish Rose is a muted red shade.

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This was the shade that I was most excited about, and equally disappointed in. This shade is supposed to look completely different to Premium Red, and should be be a very deep almost burgundy shade. I don't love this shade, it's a very muted and slightly dusty toned red that looks fine on my skin tone, but it just doesn't excite me at all.

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Final Thoughts

I'm usually quite a fan of the Peripera velvet tints, but the Cloud Ink collection fell a little flat for me in terms of colour as well as formula. I wasn't wowed by the shade range and was actually very disappointed that Reddish Rose didn't look anything like the promotion photos. I honestly find that Peripera takes the worst promo photos, they never represent the colours accurately, and the texture of the product is just photo shopped right off, every formula looks the same.  I don't like the formula of the Cloud Ink Velvets as much as I like the formula of the Airy Ink or Ink Velvets, this isn't to say that the tints are bad, I just prefer the other two formulas. Overall, they have pretty packaging, they are fairly inexpensive and pretty easy to use. If you like the shade range and a slightly thicker textured velvet tint, these could be the tints for you!

You can purchase the Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet from Ibuybeauti for $6.45

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