Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheek

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheeks! I picked these up while I was doing my full face of Peripera because it was literally the only Peripera cheek product I could find the entire colour range for. I usually prefer powder blushes on a day to day basis, but I do like using cream blushes during the winter!

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Creamy gel blusher applies smoothly and leaves a noticeable bloom of color on cheeks.

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The packaging of these blushes is very simple and minimal. You can clearly see the colours through the lid which makes them really easy to identify and the outer packaging is small enough to stack and store nicely.

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There are six shades in the collection and there is quite a nice range of shades for most skin tones. I really like the inclusion of the Lavender and Dusty Rose shade which are a little more unusual colours.

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Rosy Flush

Peripera Velvet Rosy Flush 1.png

Rosy Flush is a bright pinky red shade.

Peripera Velvet Rosy Flush 2.png

This shade is really quite pigmented and absolutely freaked me out to start with because I really, really didn't want to look like I was dressing up as a clown. However, when it's applied sparingly it does look like a really natural flush on my skin and this is a shade that would look really beautiful on darker skin tones too.

Peripera Velvet Rosy Flush 3.png

Affable Peach

Peripera Velvet Affable Peach 1.png

Affable Peach is a beautiful true peach shade.

Peripera Velvet Affable Peach 2.png

This shade looks a little orange in the pan, but does swatch like a beautiful, true peach shade. I think that this shade looks really natural on my skin, it's not like a flush, but because my skin is already warm toned it does blend out beautifully and is one of my favourite shades to wear with more natural day to day make up.

Peripera Velvet Affable Peach 3.png

Vitality Apricot

Peripera Velvet Vitality Orange 1.png

Vitality Apricot is a pastel orange shade.

Peripera Velvet Vitality Orange 2.png

I'm not a huge fan of orange shades on my skin, but this one isn't awful. It's not a shade that I reach for at all, but that's really just personal preference. I love that these cream blushes leave my skin looking dewy and fresh, they're definitely going to get a lot of use during winter for me!

Peripera Velvet Vitality Orange 3.png

Spring Blooming

Peripera Velvet Spring Blooming 1.png

Spring Blooming is a warm, pastel pink shade.

Peripera Velvet Spring Blooming 2.png

This is such a Becca colour, and the shade that I get the most wear out of. I just think the colour is so flattering and it's one that compliments most of my clothing and lipstick so it's an easy choice. I applied these blushes with my fingers to start with, but I found that they apply way better with sponges or cushion puffs. I found that when I applied them with my fingers I would actually remove the foundation underneath which looked awful, but when I apply them with sponges it just leaves the most beautiful flush of colour.

Peripera Velvet Spring Blooming 3.png

Soft Lavender

Peripera Velvet Soft Lavender 1.png

Soft Lavender is a muted purple shade.

Peripera Velvet Soft Lavender 2.png

This shade is very cute, but I don't think that it suits my skin tone that well. Purple counteracts Yellow, and since my skin tone is very yellow the purple blush makes my cheeks look very bright! I love this blush paired with any pastel blue, pink or white clothing, but if I wear jewel tones it can make me look odd. I definitely have to decide on my outfit before using this blush which is a little restricting.

Peripera Velvet Soft Lavender 3.png

Wonder Rose

Peripera Velvet Wonder Rose 1.png

Wonder Rose is a deep, dusty rose shade.

Peripera Velvet Wonder Rose 2.png

This is a beautiful shade, but not one that I think looks good on my skin. For me I think it is a little too dark, and because I try to sheer out the colour so it's not so intense, it does start to look a little patchy. These blushes have a super soft texture which makes them easy to blend, and I find that these blushes last perfectly all day on my skin which is awesome!

Peripera Velvet Wonder Rose 3.png

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy wearing these blushes when I'm looking for a fresh dewy finish. It's still summery and warm here so I like to powder my skin to keep the oil at bay, but these blushes still look really pretty. I think the shade range is really lovely, there are some great shades for other skin tones too which is great. They are pretty easy to apply, though I highly recommend using a sponge or puff to get the smoothest finish, and they last all day on my skin. They are pretty inexpensive at about $7USD each, so I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a pretty cream blush!

You can purchase the Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheeks from Testerkorea for $7.77

Becca McAvinue