Tony Moly Perfect Lips Rouge Gloss

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Perfect Lips Rouge Glosses! I picked these up because I have been missing wearing glosses, everyone has been on the matte lip bandwagon and it has been hard to find new fun products that are glossy or moisturising. I don't think these glosses are particularly new, but I was excited that the colour range didn't contain a bright orange.

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A moisturising lip tint with buildable coverage and excellent colour payoff that last long. Provides vivid color creating shining lips with volume feeling and forms an oil film to keep smooth and moist lips. A high coloring net formula creates clear vivid color with a transparent shiny gloss without lumps on the lips Fresh Herb Complex creates a moisturizing oil film on dry lips to prevent evaporation of moisture, soft lip care.

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The glosses have really elegant packaging, but just a quick warning, if you leave them uncapped lying on their side the gloss will leak out everywhere and stain things. They come with a doe-foot applicator which applies the gloss easily. There are five shades in the collection and I was very pleased that there was no orange shade! I do enjoy the inclusion of a brown toned shade, but it's not that pigmented in comparison to the other coloured glosses.

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Red Pleasure

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Red Pleasure 1.png

Red Pleasure is a vibrant red shade.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Red Pleasure 2.png

This is the darkest shade in the collection, but if I apply too much of it I start to get a ring of colour when I rub my lips together which isn't cute. The best looking application is a little sheerer, but to me it looks so pretty! This shade doesn't last very long, it looks good for about an hour, but any longer than that the colour starts to fade from the centre quite badly.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Red Pleasure 3.png

Sensual Scarlet

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sensual Scarlet 1.png

Sensual Scarlet is a pretty neon peach shade.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sensual Scarlet 2.png

This shade is the most orange out of the five, but I would definitely call it peach rather than scarlet which would usually be a very vibrant red (like red pleasure). This shade is quite sheer despite being a fairly dark colour and I can definitely see my lips underneath. I do really like how shiny the glosses are too, some glosses I've tried have only been sticky and kind of matte which defeats the purpose of wearing a gloss!

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sensual Scarlet 3.png

After Pink

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss After Pink 1.png

After Pink is a sweet candy pink with glitter.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss After Pink 2.png

This is one of the shades that I wear quite often, I think the colour is so pretty and it's fairly pigmented too. Again, I can't apply too much otherwise it does slide around a fair amount, but even a thinner layer does colour my lips nicely. This shade has a little better longevity than Red Pleasure as it's more similar to my natural lip shade, I can wear this for about 2 hours without reapplication.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss After Pink 3.png

Sepia Coral

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sepia Coral 1.png

Sepia Coral is a brown toned nude with glitter.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sepia Coral 2.png

This is such a pretty shade, but not one that I reach for. Looking at it here I think that it looks so pretty and suits me well, but in real life it's just not one that jumps out at me. This shade also has the same glitter as After Pink, but this isn't very visible on the lips. I find these glosses easy to apply and reapply throughout the day, the doe foot applicator works very well to pick up just enough of the product and distribute it evenly.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Sepia Coral 3.png

Nude Apricot

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Nude Apricot 1.png

Nude Apricot is a clear gloss tinted with orange.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Nude Apricot 2.png

This is a lovely clear gloss and I wear this over other lipstick shades to give me lips a little shine. I do find that although the glosses colours wear off within about 2 hours I can still feel the stickiness on my lips for up to 8 hours without reapplication. Although they are sticky, I do find them to be moisturising for the entire day and I don't feel like I need to apply lip balm which is actually quite nice. All of the shades have quite a strong cake scent and taste which I personally don't mind, but if you are not a fan of strong, or very sweet scents and tastes in your cosmetics you may not like these glosses.

Tony Moly Rouge Gloss Nude Apricot 3.png

Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, I have actually enjoyed wearing these glosses quite a lot! My least favourite shades are Sensual Scarlet and Sepia Coral as I just don't reach for them at all, and my favourite shade is definitely After Pink because it is easier to maintain than Red Pleasure and I don't need to layer another colour underneath. They are a little sticky and thick, but they also have a beautiful shine which I think looks so nice. The do have a fairly strong scent and taste, to me it tastes like cake or vanilla which I find quite pleasant, but if you are not a fan of strong scents they may be a little overwhelming. I think for about $8USD each they are a little overpriced for glosses, I think $5USD would have been a better price point for what you are getting. Overall, the collection has pretty colours, they are super shiny and smell like delicious cake, but they are a little more expensive for what you get.

You can purchase the Tony Moly Perfect Lips Rouge Gloss from IBBI for $8.57

Becca McAvinue