Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duos! I picked these up recently while I was looking for products for my full face of Tony Moly video, I ended up with the Cheektone Powder blushes too and really should have bought the Cheektone Highlighters but on a really real note, I was just too poor to get everything.

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An exclusive duo of silky contouring powders to help sculpt and define the face.

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The packaging of these duos is quite minimal and very plasticy. It's not the usual cuteness that I go for, but it is sometimes nice to be a little more minimal. I love that the lid is clear so you can see which duo you're picking up and they don't come with any brushes which I am actually in favour of. There are two shades in the collection which have two shades in the compact. One duo is warm toned, and one is cool toned.

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Tony Moly Contour Duo CT01 1.jpg

CT01 is the warm toned duo. These two shades are quite red toned on my complexion and I don't think the suit me quite as much as the other duo does. I do find these a little difficult to use as the pan size is so small, I can barely fit a little contour brush on one side let alone trying to use a larger bronzer brush. However, the shades are quite pigmented and you don't need to use too much.

Tony Moly Contour Duo CT01 2.jpg


Tony Moly Contour Duo CT02 1.jpg

CT02 is the cool tone duo. These shades suit my skin so much more in my opinion, though once I sheer out the darker shade to a more suitable shade for my skin it does look more or less the same as the lighter shade. I don't find that these duo's have any issues with longevity or patchiness.

Tony Moly Contour Duo CT02 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

These little contouring duo's are really sweet and pretty inexpensive too! My only gripe with them is the size, you either have to mix the shades together or use a very little brush which is slightly frustrating. These also work really well as eyeshadows which is pretty neat! I prefer the shade CT02 over CT01, but it's definitely nice to have the variety in tones. These little duo's are fantastic for the price and definitely ones that I would recommend!

You can purchase the Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo from Roseroseshop for $5.05

Becca McAvinue