Tony Moly Mark Waterproof Gel Liner

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Mark Waterproof Gel Liners! I have these in both Black and Brown, and I chose these because of the cute packaging! They look like little ink pots which I think is really cute even if it's not my normal cutesy aesthetic.

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A powerful waterproof gel eyeliner with vivid colors and superb tenacity. Integral special palette helps adjust the amount of eyeliner easily. Quick fitting formula immediately fixes the eyeliner to prevent smearing.

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These little gel liners come housed in adorable packaging, Tony Moly almost always has super cute packaging! They look like little ink pots complete with a little quill in the top that is the brush for the liner. Each liner comes with a secondary brush, but they both look the same so I'm not quite sure why they have two. There are two shades in the collection, and black and a brown.


Tony Moly Gel Liner Black 1.jpg

The black shade is the classic liner shade for me. The inside of these pots is quite unique, (you can't see it at all in the photos, but check out the videos) there is a little plastic lip sitting slightly above the product. You can wipe the brush down the side of the triangle to neaten up the product you picked up so you don't have too much product on the brush. I do find that these liners are quite easy to apply, though the gel itself can end up looking a little sheer if you don't do a couple of layers to build up the colour.

Tony Moly Gel Liner Black 2.jpg


Tony Moly Gel Liner Brown 1.jpg

The brown shade is a really pretty deep chocolate brown shade on the hand swatch, but appears much more sheer on my eyes. I do find the brown shade harder to work with because it's a little more sheer, which makes it harder to build up to a nice opaque layer, sometimes I end up with a really thick liner look even when that's not what I'm going for! This is a really nice colour for a more natural look. I find that these liners have average longevity, they do tend to fade and smudge a little throughout the day.

Tony Moly Gel Liner Brown 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

The packaging of these liners is so pretty, and they work fairly well. Are they the best gel liners in the world? No. I wish that the gel was more pigmented, I don't like having to go over my liner a couple of times because in all reality, liner isn't the easiest thing to do in the world, so being really precise and going over the same line 3 times doesn't always work and I end up with a very thick line! They also don't have the best longevity for a full days wear, and it is super important for me to set the foundation around my eyes with powder otherwise they transfer to my upper eyelids so badly. The packaging is probably the best thing about these gel liners, they are super cute and work fairly well, but they are not the best liners I have ever tried.

You can purchase the Tony Moly Mark Waterproof Gel Liner from Jolse for $9.33!

Becca McAvinue