Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder! This is such a cult favorite among K-Beauty lovers, and I got one in one of my Beauteque BB Bags last year so I had no excuses not to try it out! I have previously tried this in the pressed powder version, but I didn't like it that much to be honest, so I was hoping that the loose powder version would change my mind.

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Sebum absorption powder and mineral sebum control powder absorb excess sebum for a bright, downy skin as if presently putting on makeup. Sebum absorption powder with Jeju natural minerals and mint restores an unhealthy balance of oil and moisture, leaving a refreshing finish. Absorbs excess sebum and oil to prevent makeup from becoming patchy, while correcting dull skin tone to keep the skin bright and radiant all day.

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This powder comes housed in a cute little mint coloured jar with a sifter to keep the powder from spilling everywhere. The jar is only 5g so it is a great travel size! It does come with a puff, but I only use this while travelling so that I can keep the powder from spilling everywhere. This powder is translucent but appears white while in the jar, it also has quite a heavy minty scent.

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This powder is very easy to apply and since it's loose rather than pressed I very rarely feel like I apply too much. It mattifies my skin beautifully without making it look or feel very dry. I don't find that my skin looks too flat and matte after application either, I do like a little bit of dewiness to my skin so this powder works out really well for me.

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After an 8 hour day my skin does look a little shiny, but it's not overwhelming and I don't feel like I need to blot my skin either. It doesn't stop all oil from appearing like the description implies, but it certainly does work better than some other setting powders that I've tried.

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I wanted to compare the Innisfree powder to my current Holy Grail which is the Skinfood Peach Cotton Powder. I used the Skinfood on the photo left, and the Innisfree on the photo left. I found that they both performed similarly in terms of initial mattifying my skin as well as oil control. The biggest difference for me is the scent, the Skinfood smells like peaches and the Innisfree smells like mint. Other than the scent, they both perform equally for my skin.

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Final Thoughts

The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is a lovely option for any Princesses with slightly oily skin. My skin isn't very oily at all, but I still get a little shiny throughout the day while using this powder, so if your skin is very oily I don't think this will be enough. It's very similar to my current Holy Grail which is the Skinfood Peach Cotton powder, so if you like the Innisfree, you will most likely like the Skinfood too and vice versa! I particularly love the size of this powder, 5g is more than enough for me and it's the perfect size for travel too. I'm not a die hard fan, but it does get the tick of approval from me!

You can purchase the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder from Innisfree World for $10.43NZD!

Becca McAvinue