A'Pieu 3D Contouring and Highlighting Kit

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu 3D Contouring and Highlighting Kits! I picked these up for my full face of A'Pieu because I really liked the look of the Natural Warm contouring kit. I decided to get the highlighting kit too just to keep the collection complete, but also because the colours kind of reminded me of neopolitan ice cream even though the colours are nothing alike.

A'Pieu Contour 1.jpg

Create light and shadows with the A'PIEU 3D Contouring Kit. TWO Contour Shades: Sculpt the face with two darker contour shades. ONE Highlight Shade: Add dimension to the face with the lighter highlight shade. Yellow Gold: For an elegant highlight visible from any angle.
Shine Beige: For a subtle glow. Rose Gold: For a glam, pink-toned highlight

A'Pieu Contour 2.jpg

There are two contour shades and one highlighting. The contours come in a warm or cool option, but both shades include a dark shading colour, a light shading colour and a highlight. The highlights in the contouring kit are not as bright as the highlights in the actual highlighting kit, but are really nice for a more subtle glow.

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A'Pieu 3D Highlighting Kit

A'Pieu Highlight Kit 1.jpg

The Highlighting Kit has the same sleek black outer as the Contouring Kits. It's very sturdy, functional and comes with a decent sized mirror and no brush which is my preference. The highlight shades can be used separately, or mixed together which gives you four unique shades.

A'Pieu Highlight Kit 2.jpg

In general these highlights are not blinding, but also not super natural. The Yellow Gold shows up the least on my skin, the Rose Gold is a little too dark, but Shine Beige is just right. I find them very easy to apply, though the powder is quite fragile and crumbles under the pressure of a denser brush.

A'Pieu Highlight Kit 3.jpg

I quite like the say this highlighter looks when all three shades are used together, but it does mean that I create a fair bit of mess sweeping a brush through the three shades. I think that I get the best out of all the shades when they're mixed together and have been almost exclusively wearing them mixed together.

A'Pieu Highlight Kit 4.jpg
A'Pieu Contour Kit 1.jpg

A'Pieu 3D Contouring Kit - Natural Warm

A'Pieu Contour Warm 1.jpg

The Natural Warm compact is definitely my favourite out of the two colours, I usually prefer cooler tones on my skin for contour, but the Warm shades are lighter and I personally find the cooler tones to be too muddy on my skin. The highlight shade is quite yellow even on my warm skin and does look quite natural on me. I get a lot of wear out of the light brown shade in this compact, though I'm not opposed to getting a little of the darker brown on my brush too.

A'Pieu Contour Warm 2.jpg

A'Pieu 3D Contouring Kit - Natural Warm

A'Pieu Contour Cool 1.jpg

The Neutral Cool compact isn't my favourite, I find the two brown shades to be a little darker than the Natural Warm browns and they are a little harder for me to blend. The highlight shade is again quite warm toned, though this is more like champagne than actual yellow. I personally found this compact to be a little dark for my fair skin, and this resulted in the contour looking quite muddy.

A'Pieu Contour Cool 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

These contouring and highlighting kits are quite functional and quite well priced. I enjoy the Natural Warm compact the most out of the three, all of the shades work well for my skin tone and contouring level and I think the highlight looks a little more natural on me. I do like the highlighting kit, but it feels a little superfluous since the contouring kits actually have a highlight in the anyway. The packaging works well, they're slim which makes them easy to store but still sturdy enough for travel, so the Warm compact is a hit for me! I will personally be passing the Cool Kit as well as the Highlighting Kit because the Warm Kit covers everything that I need in one compact which I absolutely love.

You can purchase the Contouring Kit from Roseroseshop for $8.74 and the Highlighting Kit from Roseroseshop for $9.71

Becca McAvinue