Holika Holika Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette [18 S/S Glossy Play Collection]

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Holika Holika Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette! This is from the 2018 Spring/Summer Glossy Play Collection and was super kindly sent to me for review by Holika Holika! I was not paid to promote this item and I was not asked to only say positive things about it. As soon as I opened this palette I had a little squeal because the colours super gorgeous and are definitely shades that I don't have in my collection currently!

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Deep looking eyes express contour color to sweet highlight glitters color, line softening point color! Sweet 4 kinds of color in one palette for perfect makeup look. Matte, shimmer, glitter 3 kinds of texture for non-eyelid, eye lid to give various looks. High fit coating powder gives high fit, one coat color gives vivid color for all day non-fix makeup look.

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The packaging of this palette is really pretty but still fairly minimalistic for my tastes with a holographic emblem on the lid. The case itself is a really good size and is quite sturdy. It has a good magnetic closure to keep the case closed, but still easy enough to open. On the inside there is a great sized mirror and 12 shadow shades. There are 10 matte shades and two glitters which is quite interesting, usually K-Beauty has more shimmer shades than they do matte which makes this palette a little more unusual. I found that running horizontally works best to keep these shades together.

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The first row is the Peach row, and you can see these shades are meant to be used together since their names all include Peach. There are two pinky peach shades, a brown, and an interesting gold ish shimmer shade. I don't find that this shimmer shade works that well with the other matte shades, but I guess that's my personal preference. The Mature Peach shade is so vibrant and is definitely my favourite shade in the palette!

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I used this row to create a Halo esq eye look. I used Fresh Peach as a base shade all over my lid. I then used Mature Peach through the crease and the outer and inner third of my eye. I used Dry Peach to blend the crease out a little and put Canned Peach in the center of the lid for a bit of sparkle. I really liked the way this looked on my eyes, I was a little nervous about using Mature Peach since it is quite pigmented and dark, but I found it quite easy to work with.

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The second row is the Apricot row. This row is more orange toned than the previous one. There are two oranges, a warm toned brown and another glitter shade in this row. I think that the glitter in this row works much better with the matte shades and everything from the Apricot row is very cohesive. Mature Apricot is actually a beautiful shade, I wasn't sure that I would like this shade that much as I'm really not an orange fan, but since it's more like a tangerine shade I found it ok.

Glossy Row 2 2.png

For this eye looks I used Canned Apricot on the inner half of my lid. I then used Mature Apricot on the outer half and used a little more of Canned Apricot to blend the two shades together in the centre. I used Dry Apricot to blend the shades through my crease trying not to pick up too much of the glitter from Canned Apricot, and bought everything onto the lower lashline to complete the look.

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Glossy Row 3 1.png

The third row contains all matte shades, and has three browns and one yellow. I'm not the biggest fan of the yellow because it does look a little unusual on my eyelid, but it's still a helpful shade for blending out some of the other shades. The other three matte browns are really helpful crease shades, but you can still make a fairly nice eye look out of all of the mattes too.

Glossy Row 3 2.png

For this more subtle eye look I used Vanilla butter over the entire lid. I used Ginger Butter through the crease and Peanut Butter in the outer corner. I found that Ginger Butter and Peanut Butter looked quite orange on my eyes which I'm not a huge fan of. I then used a small amount of Cocoa Butter over the crease and outer corner to darken everything up. I did find that Cocoa Butter was a little hard for me to blend, but I think that comes down to my inexperience rather than the shadow itself.

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Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using this palette, though it's definitely not one that I reach for on an every day basis. The shades in general are more unusual, so this makes this palette extremely helpful for me since I have quite a few neutral or every day palettes in my collection already. It's definitely a palette I would recommend for those who love peach tones because the palette is full of them! In general I found this palette easy to use, though I would have liked a couple more shimmery or glittery shades because I do use them to camouflage my average blending skills, but it's still a fantastic palette nontheless.

You can purchase the Holika Holika Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette 18 S/S Glossy Play Collection from Beautyboxkorea for $25.95

Becca McAvinue