Clio Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliner (Brush and Pen)

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Clio Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliners! I have the Brush liner as well as the Pen liner because I bought the Pen one first and discovered that I don't like the stiff foam, so ended up buying the Brush liner later. These liners are a Holy Grail for so many Princesses and I really struggled to find these in stock in Black, so when I saw them for sale while I was purchasing other items I knew that I had to try them out.

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CLIO transforms its bestselling Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black with a moist sponge tip for perfect, professional eye line application. Formulated with a darker black tint that's longer-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof. Clever Ink Tank method ensures tint doesn't dry up thanks to the Smart Cap. Twist cap until you hear a click. Color remains consistent until the last drop.

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These liners come housed in traditional liner tubes, the brush liner has gold lettering and the pen liner has silver. The difference between the two liners is the tip. The Pen liner has a stiff foam tip with very little flexibility. The Brush liner has many little threads formed into a little point which provides a lot of flexibility. The brush liner has already run out of ink (we'll get to that soon) so the swatch is a little grey. The Pen liner still has a little ink, but you can see how runny the ink is by how it's starting to spider out into the wrinkles on my hand.

Clio Brush Liner 1.jpg

The Brush liner is definitely my preference for application, but this liner only worked 5 times for me which is a little ridiculous. I left it alone for a couple of weeks to see if the ink would run down and re saturate the tip, but no such luck. I did twist the cap to let more ink out which also didn't work. The liner is easy to use and feels exactly the same as my current Holy Grail which is the Dolly Wink liner, but you can see where the liner had enough ink for the initial line, then the grey parts where it just gave up entirely. I would like to point out that I purchased this on the 10th of March, it arrived at my house on the 13th and I took these photos on the 10th of April which is under one month of owning this liner. Even if I had used this liner every day since owning it which would be 29 uses, I would still expect the liner to be working. 5 legitimate uses of a liquid liner before it goes grey is not acceptable.

Clio Brush Liner 2.jpg

In comparison, the pen liner arrived at my house at the start of February and has lasted a little longer, but not by much. Again as you can see, the liner starts out black but then quickly runs out of ink unless I lie the liner sideways which is awkward. I personally don't like the stiff foam because it feels like I'm poking myself in the eye and I flinch which makes my draw liner all over my lids which isn't ideal.

Clio Pen Liner 1.jpg

Even when the liner is grey it does have fairly good longevity, but I wouldn't consider it smudgeproof. It doesn't imprint onto the top of my eyelid, but no liners really do so that doesn't say much for the longevity. But, if I touch the liner after 6 hours it will smudge, so the claims of ultimate smudgeproof-ness is just as untrue as the being black to the last drop claim for me.

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Final Thoughts

I so wanted to love these liners as so, so many others do. But for me, their performance is less than ordinary and is actually disappointing and a waste of money. I expect my liquid liners to last more than 5 uses, my Holy Grail lasts me 3 months, and many other liquid liners have lasted a month or more so that is my expectation. I can't afford to buy a new liquid liner each week, I just can't. For me the biggest disappointment is how little ink these seem to have, I store them tip down and I used the lid to click more ink out of the tank as the instructions told me to. I cleaned the tips to make sure there was no shadow residue clogging up the tips and they still didn't last. I already know that so many people love these liners, so if you guys think there is another reason to my liners in particular being extremely disappointing. I would love to hear about that! I personally wouldn't repurchase these liners or recommend them due to the experience that I had with both types of liners.

You can purchase the Clio Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliners from Yesstyle for $13.90

Becca McAvinue