Holika Holika X Peko Shadow Palette

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Holika Holika X Peko Shadow Palettes! These palettes were kindly sent to me for review by Holika Holika, I was not paid to promote them or asked to say only positive things about these products. I showed these palettes off during my full face of Holika Holika X Peko make up, but since I only used one of the palettes I thought it would be quite nice to show off the other palette too!

Holika Holika Shadow 1.jpg

Deep looking eyes express contour color to sweet highlight glitters color, line softening point color! Sweet 4 kinds of color in one palette for perfect makeup look. Matte, shimmer, glitter 3 kinds of texture for non-eyelid, eye lid to give various looks. High fit coating powder gives high fit, one coat color gives vivid color for all day non-fix makeup look.

Holika Holika Shadow 2.jpg

Both of these palettes come housed in really cute Peko themed packaging with the mascot Peko Chan on the front. There are four shades in each palette and both contain two mattes, a shimmer and a glitter shade. The shade range is really pretty, and includes all the shades you would need to create a light day time look or a darker night time look.

Strawberry Caramel

Holika Holika Shadow Strawberry 1.jpg

The first shade is Strawberry Caramel which is the peachy pink palette. This palette has a matte, light apricot, a matte mid toned peach, a light beige sparkle, and a deep chocolate shimmer. I find all of these shades easy to blend, and the palette is strawberry scented too!

Holika Holika Shadow Strawberry 2.jpg

To create this day time look I used the Apricot matte all over my lid. I then used the Peach matte on the outer half of the lid and my lower lashline. Lastly, I used the beige sparkle on the middle of my upper lid and inner corners. I found that the sparkle really isn't very strong when layered over other shades. Lastly, I used the matte Peach in the crease to blend everything out. To turn this into a more night time look, I used the dark chocolate shimmer in the outer half of my eye lid and lightly through the crease to create a deeper shadow.

Holika Holika Shadow Strawberry 3.jpg

Milk Caramel

Holika Holika Shadow Milk 1.jpg

Milk Caramel has very caramel toned shades. I also dropped this and caught it with my long nails, which is why the quad is damaged. A very sad day indeed. This palette has a matte light brown, a matte caramel brown, a beige sparkle and cool toned chocolate shimmer shade. This palette smells like caramel which is quite sweet!

Holika Holika Shadow Milk 2.jpg

To create this more night time look I used the matte caramel on the outer half on my lid. I then used a little of the dark chocolate shimmer in the outer V of my lid. I used the beige sparkle on the inner half of my lid and lower lashline, overlapping the darker shade. I then used the matte light brown through the crease to blend the shades together, and added a little more of the darker chocolate shimmer to the outer V and lower lashline.

Holika Holika Shadow Milk 3.jpg

Final Thoughts

These shadow palettes are very cute, have great shades, are easy to use and are even scented. They contain a great selection of finishes, coming with two mattes, a glitter and a shimmer which I find really helpful to create night or day time looks, and each palette has a really cohesive shade range meaning I can use every shade and know they will all look great together. I can only find them for sale internationally at Beautynetkorea and at $16.10USD each they are a little more on the expensive side. However, they are great quality and if they are within your budget I would absolutely recommend them. If this is outside of your budget you can find the same great quality in the Piece Matching Shadow Palettes for closer to $10USD each.

You can purchase the Holika Holika X Peko Shadow Palette for $16.10 from Beautynetkorea!

Becca McAvinue