TonyMoly Cats Wink Clear Pact

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly Cats Wink Clear Pact! I have wanted this since I started getting interested in KBeauty because I love pink and I love cats. I never purchased it in the past because I was concerned that the shades wouldn't suit my fair complexion, but since I accidentally tanned myself a shade darker over summer I decided to grab it. I also used this in my full face of TonyMoly! Is TonyMoly one word or two, I see it spelt differently everywhere and it really annoys me.

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This adorable kitty cat compact is a powder compact that helps control oil and covers pores for a velvety smooth and soft look that gives a more balanced complexion and helps makeup last longer. Its an adorable addition to any makeup pouch!

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The packaging of this powder is obviously incredibly adorable to anyone who likes pink and cats. The compact is smaller than I thought it would be, but I am happy with that as I didn't know if I had room for it in my collection! Inside the compact there is a sizeable mirror, a flimsy puff and the powder itself which has a cute paw print pattern. I have the shade 01 which is the lighter of the two shades. When swatched heavily I can see this powders colour and it seems to be slightly lighter than my pale underarm skin which is great. It does blend out to be invisible on my skin which I am very pleased by.

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I am a loose powder girl through and through, so I do find that I struggle to apply the correct amount of this powder. Sometimes I apply too much, sometimes I apply too little. I have to kind of touch my face to see if I have enough powder on, but this is more of a personal problem rather than a problem with the product itself. Other than the amount I apply, this powder is generally pretty easy to apply. I find the little puff included pretty useless and recommend using a large fluffy brush for the best application.

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This powder mattifies my skin nicely but doesn't leave it looking too dry. I do find that my extremely dry patches of skin, (especially the skin around my eyes) does look a little dry and flakey, but I don't think this powder emphasises this more than usual. I do notice a little difference in the coverage of my base, I find that the powder actually removes some of the coverage, this is especially visable up close around my eyes, I can really see my freckles when I'm wearing this powder. Unfortunately this means that my acne and scarring is also more visable.

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After 8 hours this powder isn't doing too badly. I have a little shine around my nose and the coverage has definitely diminished on my cheeks and chin, but it's not bad. It is quite cold in New Zealand at the moment so I'm not dealing with dry skin or sweat, so I can't see this holding up that well during the warmer summer weather.

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I always compare my powders to my current Holy Grail which is the Skinfood Peach Cotton Powder. Here I used the TonyMoly powder on the left side of my face, and the Skinfood powder on the right. The dark patch of skin on the right side is a birthmark, I didn't forget foundation there don't worry. I found that aside from the difference in coverage, both powders held up equally as well on my normal skin.

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Final Thoughts

I didn't have the highest hopes for this little piece of eye candy, but I am surprised at how well it has performed. It's definitely not a powder I would reach for in the warmer summer weather because I don't think it has enough oil control, and if I accidentally apply too much it does look quite cakey. But it works well during the colder winter months for me. I absolutely adore the packaging, and I think that the packaging is what's going to draw a lot of people into purchasing this product. But I am happy with it, the colour doesn't interfere with my make up and it sets my make up well. I does lessen the coverage of my foundation, but for me the cute cat face on the front makes up for that.

You can purchase the TonyMoly Cats Wink Clear Pact from Beautynetkorea for $4.21

Becca McAvinue