A'Pieu Color Lip Stain Gel Tint & Velvet Tint X Lamuqe Edition

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu Color Lip Stain Gel Tints & Velvet Tints! I have four of the tints, two gel tints and two velvet tints, and these are specifically from the Lamuqe collection. The colours that Lamuqe bought out for her limited edition collection looked so pretty, and I have been wanting to try out the formula, so I thought that I would grab the Lamuqe shades to see if I liked the formula enough to purchase the full collection.

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- Gel Tint - Soft Gel texture. Trendy color and vivid color long-lasting. Soft Curve Tip makes it easy to adjust the volume.

- Velvet Tint - Creates gorgeous and vivid lips without lump. Smooth texture that melts like a velvet. Long-lasting.

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These tints are much smaller than I expected, but I actually like this since they're easier to store! The packaging is very elegant and each tint has a doe foot applicator. The gel tints have a slightly fluffier doe foot, but aside from that they are much the same. I have four shades from the Lamuqe collection and the colour range is really pretty and quite unusual. They definitely cover a lot of shades that I don't already have.

BR101 Behind

A'Pieu Lip BR 1.jpg

BR101 Behind is a warm toned brown.

A'Pieu Lip BR 2.jpg

This shade came in non Lamuqe packaging but seems to be the same shade. I don't know how that works or how it happened, but I am requesting my money back via Paypal as it's definitely not what was advertised though I did purchase it through a reputable seller. This is quite a pretty nude, though it's not a shade that I gravitate towards. The formula of the gel tints is beautiful for dry lips, they don't dry down to a smudgeproof finish which looks much more flattering if you're lips are pretty wrinkly like mine.

A'Pieu Lip BR 3.jpg

VL101 Somehow

A'Pieu Lip VL 1.jpg

VL101 Somehow is a beautiful purple berry shade.

A'Pieu Lip VL 2.jpg

This is another really lovely colour that looks beautiful on my skin tone. The colour is a little more purple than a true berry tone would be which makes the shade a little unusual, but still very pretty!

A'Pieu Lip VL 2.5.jpg

Since the Gel Tints don't dry down to a smudge proof finish, this does make them prone to fading throughout the day. I find that they tend to fade quite a lot in the center of my lips which doesn't look too good, but they are very easy to reapply throughout the day too.

A'Pieu Lip VL 3.jpg

PK101 Viva La Vida

A'Pieu Lip PK 1.jpg

PK101 Viva La Vida is a very cool toned fuchsia pink.

A'Pieu Lip PK 2.jpg

This is another unusual colour, but not one that I think suits my skin tone personally. I can use my fingers to sheer the shade out to a very pretty light lavender which I think is quite cool, and it does make a really lovely gradient lip! The velvet tints are really easy to apply and are a lot longer lasting than the gel tints. Viva La Vida isn't a shade that I gravitate towards as I just don't think that it looks good on me, but it is a really pretty shade nonetheless.

A'Pieu Lip PK 3.jpg

RD101 1x1

A'Pieu Lip RD 1.jpg

RD101 1x1 is a vibrant warm toned red.

A'Pieu Lip RD 2.jpg

This shade can be sheered out to create an absolutely beautiful coral shade which I wear very often, or with full pigmentation which creates a beautiful warm red. I get quite a lot of wear out of this shade and I think that it really suits my skin tone.

A'Pieu Lip RD 2.5.jpg

These tints do dry down to be super matte and smudge proof, though it does take them a couple of minutes to dry down completely. This means that they last a lot longer than the gel tints and they stain the lips well. They can be a little difficult to get off, especially if I have soaked my lips to get the best application to start with.

A'Pieu Lip RD 3.jpg

Final Thoughts

Both formulas of these tints work very well with my lips and are definitely products I would try other shades in. The Gel Stains are best for those with very dry lips that are wanting a tint that has beautiful pigmentation, but doesn't dry down to leave an uncomfortable dryness on the lips or emphasizes lip wrinkles. The Velvet Stains are fantastic for those looking for a matte finish that doesn't emphasize lip flaws, though you really need to have perfectly exfoliated lips to get the best finish. Unfortunately, in most stores the Lamuqe tints are sold out, though there are more shades in the regular line in both the Gel Stains as well as the Velvet Stains, and I would definitely recommend both lines of tints.

You can't purchase the A'Pieu Color Lip Stain Gel tint x Velvet Tint Lamuqe Edition any more as they were limited edition.

Becca McAvinue