A'Pieu X Bonobono Creamy Cheek-Chok Blusher

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu X Bonobono Creamy Cheek-Chok Blushers! It was quite a struggle to hunt all of these down, but oh my gosh look how adorable the packaging is! 😍 Even though these are limited edition and hard to find, A'Pieu also makes similar shades in the regular line, so this review will give you an idea on how the blushes perform in general, so even if you don't want these shades, you will know what to expect from the formula.

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Soft creamy texture on skin provides non sticky silky application. Natural glowing make up look.

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The packaging of these blushes is obviously adorable, but they're also well size and functional. They're easy to stack and store which is great if you have a big collection like I do, and they don't have any wasted space for brushes or mirrors. There are five shades in the Bonobono collection and the shades are really pretty! There are two unique shades and three shades that I would consider more mainstream which is ideal for a collection. I don't want too many out there colours, and I don't want too many colors that I might already have in other collections. There are two finishes to the blushes, a pearl finish and a cream finish.

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VL02 is a delicate lilac shade with a pearl finish.

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I was surprised by how much a like this shade, I haven't tried many Lilac toned shades and I think it really suits me! Lilac is a light purple with a pinkish hue, whereas the other purple blushes I've tried have been more Lavender toned which is purple with a blue hue. This shade is really flattering on my skin tone and has quickly become one of the shades I wear on a day to day basis.

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CR04 is a deep brick red shade with a pearl finish.

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This is the shade I was most afraid of, but with a light hand this can look very flattering on my skin tone! This gives a very natural flush to my cheeks, and the pearl finish leaves a tiny bit of luminosity which I really like. I didn't expect to like this shade very much, but it's a beautiful shade on my skin tone when I'm wearing deeper jewel toned colours.

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CR05 is a sweet peach shade with a cream finish.

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This is another really lovely shade for my skin tone, it's a fantastic neutral shade that goes well with most lipstick shades and clothing choices I own. This shade has a cream finish which leaves my skin looking a little more matte than the pearl finish, but still very soft and not dry. I find my fingers to be the best tools to apply these blushes with, the texture is a little firmer than normal which means sponges or cushion puffs can't pick up enough pigmentation.

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OR03 is an orange shade with a cream finish.

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If you've seen my reviews before you will know that I have a strong dislike of orange shades on my skin tone and this is no exception. The shade itself is really lovely, it's a very true orange, it just doesn't look so flattering on me personally.

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A'Pieu Bonobono RD01 1.png

RD01 is a bright warm toned red shade with a cream finish.

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This shade looks beautiful with a lighter hand and makes me look very rosy cheeked and fresh. It is a little unnatural on my skin so it does look like I'm wearing blush rather than just blushing, but it still is a lovely shade to wear. I find that these blushes last all day without fading for me, I always set them with translucent powder because my hair absolutely loves to stick to my face, but I am very happy with the longevity of these blushes.

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Final Thoughts

The A'Pieu X Bonobono Creamy Cheek-Chok Blushers are absolutely adorable, have a beautiful shade range, apply beautifully and last all day. I really love VL02, CR04 and CR05, I think they look gorgeous on my skin and they look the most natural on me. OR03 and RD01 are not my favourite shades, but they are still beautiful shades nonetheless. I really enjoyed how these blushes applied, they didn't move around the foundation underneath and blended out seamlessly which is important to me. They also lasted all day with no touch ups which is great. I would definitely recommend the A'Pieu Creamy Cheek Chok Blushes in general, and definitely the Bonobono collection if you can get your hands on them!

You can purchase the A'Pieu X Bonobono Creamy Cheek-Chok Blusher from Kollection K for $7.07NZD

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