Canmake Eyebrow Liquid

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Canmake Eyebrow Liquid! I picked this up for my full face of Canmake, I seem to have very little luck with brow products in terms of colours as well as textures, so I'm hoping that by trying something a little different I might find an amazing product for my brows!

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Won't disappear! Liquid eyebrow is fast-drying, resists rubbing and skin oils, and fills in small spaces. Resists rubbing & skin oils! Even if you touch the line by mistake - or skin oil wells up - the line will not change! Line will not bleed or disappear due to rubbing or skin oils. Layer on this thin application type to achieve the thickness you want.

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This brow liquid comes housed in a standard liquid liner pen. The pen tip is a firm foam which allows me to control the product really well. I have the shade Natural Brown which is the darkest shade in the range. The liquid is quite sheer which is quite unusual.

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I find this brow product quite easy to apply, though due to the sheerness I do need to layer it up a little more than usual. It makes my fuller brow look absolutely beautiful, I can create tiny little hair strokes to mimic real hairs which makes my brow look more realistic and less blocky. This is also super smudgeproof, I can give my brows a good rub with dry fingers and the product won't come off at all! However it is easily removed by warm water and a cleanser.

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However, on my more sparse brow it is a bit of a different story. This brow has a scar running through the arch and tail which doesn't grow hair and I found that the brow liquid really did not want to stick to the scar tissue which was quite disappointing. I also found that it didn't disguise the lack of fullness under the brow arch either, the sheerness of the liquid that worked so well on my other brow made this brow with less hair look muddy and shadowy.

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Final Thoughts

This is a gorgeous product for those that are already blessed with beautiful brows, but want to tidy them up and make them appear fuller and more shapely by drawing in more hair. However, for those of us that have scars or patches of brow that don't really grow hair it's not a product I would recommend because it won't stick to the scar tissue, and can make some of the balder spots look more apparent. I do absolutely love how easy it is to apply, I think the packaging works really well and it's actually very smudgeproof too, so if you rub your brows through habit and don't want your new beautiful brows to smudge, this is definitely a product to look into!

You can purchase the Canmake Eyebrow Liquid from Dokodemo for $9.17NZD

Becca McAvinue