Holika Holika X Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm & Water Drop Tint Bomb

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Holika Holika X Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm & Water Drop Tint Bombs! Some of these products were provided for review by Holika Holika, but some I actually bought myself to complete the collection. Unfortunately this video is up much later than the rest of the collection because the store I purchased some of the tint bombs from actually sent me someone else s order which was so frustrating! I'm off to Europe as this post goes up so I've been working my butt off trying to get everything up and scheduled for while I'm away!

Holika Holika X Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balm

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Water holding ability has excellent moisture, offers lip deep moisture. Melting Gel Complex

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There are two shades of lip balm, a pink and an orange. Both come housed in cute little tins with screw top lids and have two shades inside. There is a coloured balm and a clear balm in each tin and they're shaped like super cute strawberries!

Cherry Berry

Holika Balm Cherry 1.png

The first shade is Cherry Berry which has a clear balm and a pretty raspberry coloured balm.

Holika Balm Cherry 2.png

It is impossible for me to get the clear balm out of the tin by itself without using a lip brush because the tin is literally so tiny! The clear balm is the same texture as the coloured balm and they both feel comfortably thick and a little waxy which I don't mind. Apparently you can use these for a gradient but that's a lot of effort for lip balm. These don't last very long on my lips, but they do fade out gracefully.

Holika Balm Cherry 3.png

Peach Berry

Holika Balm Peach 1.png

The second shade is Peach Berry which has a light apricot balm as well as a darker peach balm.

Holika Balm Peach 2.png

I think the lighter shade is supposed to look clear, but it looks like a light apricot shade on my lips! This balm duo is the same as Cherry Berry just with different colours. In general I find the balms a little hard to use because they are so tiny, I can only really get the coloured lam on my finger, but I do think the design is cute nonetheless! The balm itself is nice on my lips, but it's not incredibly hydrating if you have dry lips like I do.

Holika Balm Peach 3.png

Holika Holika X Peko Water Drop Tint Bomb

Holika Bomb 1.png

Adheres to lips lightly to create moisturizing luster without stickiness. Creates juicy lips with vivid color. Contains 40% water, vitamins and minerals which offer rich moisture to lips.

Holika Bomb 2.png

There are 5 shades in the Peko collection, though Holika Holika makes these in non limited edition packaging and shades, so if you like the look of the formula but not the shades you can always choose the other shades! The shade range here is really pretty, but they all look quite similar on my lips which is a shame, the two orange shades look almost identical and the three pink or red shades are really close in colour too.

Holika Bomb 3.png

Cherry Water

Holika Cherry Water 1.png

Cherry Water is a pretty blue toned red shade.

Holika Cherry Water 2.png

This is a pretty shade, but you can see on my lips that the colour clearly does not apply that well for me. It's the most interesting lip product I've tried in a while, no matter how many times I swipe this lipstick over my lips the colour just won't build up and I'm left with patchy lips, it really is strange! It looks ok from a distance, but not up close.

Holika Cherry Water 3.png

Pomegranate Water

Holika Pom Water 1.png

Pomegranate Water is a pretty orange shade.

Holika Pom Water 2.png

I don't usually describe oranges as being pretty, but since this is more like an red orange I think it does look quite nice on me! I absolutely love the shape of the lip tint bullet for these products, I find that the tapered tip makes it so easy to outline my cupids bow where normal lipstick bullets tend to overdraw for me.

Holika Pom Water 3.png

Fig Water

Holika Fig Water 1.png

Fig Water is a nice mid toned dusty peach shade.

Holika Fig Water 2.png

I was so excited to try this shade out because the promo photos looked like a beautiful dusty rose shade, and it's not actually too far off in terms of colour, but it's not really the texture that I imagined. The promo photos look so moist and pigmented, whereas in reality the formula really emphasises the dryness and wrinkles in my lips.

Holika Fig Water 3.png

Cherry Coke

Holika Cherry Coke 1.png

Cherry Coke is another pretty mid toned raspberry shade that looks too similar to Cherry Water.

Holika Cherry Coke 2.png

This shade is supposed to be lighter than Cherry Water, but for me they literally are the same colour which is such a shame! Again, this is a lovely colour, but I don't actually need two shades that look the same on my lips. These tints have an interesting texture, they feel like water when they're being applied, then they dry down to a slightly stick texture, and then finish off with a matte texture. It really is hard to explain!

Holika Cherry Coke 3.png

Caramel Water

Holika Caramel Water 1.png

Caramel Water is a pretty pumpkin orange shade.

Holika Caramel Water 2.png

This is again, quite a nice shade! But it looks absolutely the same as Pomegranate Water on my skin so there isn't that much point keeping and using both shades. These tints don't last too long on my lips either, I find that they wear off within a couple of hours even without eating or drinking. The fade fairly gracefully and don't look awful on my lips.

Holika Caramel Water 3.png
Holika Caramel Water 4.png

Final Thoughts

Although I enjoyed using and trying out these lip products, they weren't really winners for me. I found that the lip balms were very cute, but were not as moisturising as I needed them be for my lips. The Tint Bomb's have a beautiful shape for the bullet that makes them so easy to apply, but the formula is so sheer and isn't buildable which makes my lips look quite wrinkly and dry. Sadly, these were not the products for me!

You can purchase the Holika Holika X Peko Melty Jelly Lip Balms and Water Drop Tint Bombs from BeautyBoxKorea for $9 and $8.95 each!

Becca McAvinue