A'Pieu Glitter Linecara

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu Glitter Linecara's! I picked these up for my full face of A'Pieu because they just looked so intriguing! How often do you see products that are labeled not only as mascara, but liquid liners too! The shades also looked very pretty in the promo pictures so I decided to grab them to try them out.

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Express both the eyelines and the eyelashes with a single product. Brilliant glitters highlight the eyes with jewellery and pearl. Adheres smoothly after drying with long-lasting tenacity.

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These linecara's come packaged in a standard mascara tube with colour coded tubes which I appreciate. The wand is interesting, the mascara want is quite spiky which separates the lashes well, and then on the end there is the liner brush. I personally find the liner brush to be a little too flexible, it's hard to create a straight line because it's a little too long and bendy. There are three shades in the collection, a gold with silver glitter, a gold with gold glitter, and a beautiful rose with gold glitter. The glitters are pretty pigmented, but I do have to apply a fair amount to get them opaque.

Flash Sand

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Flash Sand 1.jpg

Flash Sand is a gold with silver glitter.

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Flash Sand 2.jpg

This is a beautiful shade for the inner corner of my eyes, but I can barely see it on my lashes which is a little annoying. I find it hard to apply the mascara to the inner corner of my eyes because the liner part of the wand hits the side of my nose. I do enjoy this shade, but I can only use it as a liner rather than as a mascara.

Twinkle Peach

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Twinkle Peach 1.jpg

Twinkle Peach is a gold shade with gold glitter.

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Twinkle Peach 2.jpg

This shade is a little dark for my skin tone and it's not really as shiny as the other shades. This shade shows up more as a mascara than Flash Sand, but it's still not that obvious. I like this shade best as an upper lash line liner. These have pretty good longevity and don't flake off during the day.

Metallic Rose

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Metallic Rose 1.jpg

Metallic Rose is a beautiful rose shade with gold glitter.

A'pieu Glitter Linecara Metallic Rose 2.jpg

This shade shows up the most on my lashes and looks so nice as an upper lash line liner. It doesn't look so good in the inner corner as it is quite dark, but I think this would look gorgeous on darker skin tones! I found these a little difficult to apply to my inner corners and ageyo Sal too because the liner brush is a little awkward to maneuver.

Final Thoughts

These Glitter Linecaras are a really cute concept, but they aren't that functional. I think if the wands were a little different I might like them more, I personally find the liner part of the wand to be too long and thin which makes it difficult for me to use. I don't find the glitter strong enough to show up as mascara for most of the shades, though the Rose Gold does show up quite nicely.  You can also use these as liquid shadows too and they do work well. I enjoy using these, but I can't see them being part of my usual make up routine because they just are not functional enough for me.

You can purchase the A'Pieu Glitter Linecara from Jolse for $10.38!

Becca McAvinue