A'Pieu Personal Tone Foundation

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu Personal Tone Foundation in the shade W01! I was super excited when the swatches for these foundations came out, there are 12 shades and an equal amount of shades in Warm, Cool and the Neutral category. They even have some darker shades which is a little more inclusive than normal, though as always the lighter shades dominate the collection. NO0 is the lightest shade, but since I am still a little more tan than usual and definitely warm toned, I decided to go for the second lightest shade in the range.

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12 varying colors express natural base expressions as if the skin was wearing the colors. Light and smooth texture adheres delicately to the skin and expresses the base moistly. MICRO TECHNOLOGY Formula covers the skin with brilliant, darkening-free foundation layers.

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The packaging of this foundation is very minimal and elegant. There is no pump, but you can squeeze the foundation out of the tip which still works well. I have the shade W01 which is the second lightest shade in the range and is supposedly warm/yellow toned. It looks fine swatched by itself, but when I swatch it next to shades like Nars Sheer Glow in Sibera and MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC10 it looks very neutral bordering on cool toned which is bizzare. I would consider the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC10 to be quite neutral bordering on Warm, so to have a shade that is specifically marketed as yellow based to look so neutral beside it is just odd. I also recieved a sample of W02 in one of my orders and this is just as neutral, though slightly darker.

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This foundation is pretty easy to apply and applies well with brushes, sponges or cushion puffs. I find that my damp beauty blender gives the smoothest finish, while cushion puffs give the most coverage, so depending on how much coverage I need on the day depends on how I will apply the foundation. The shade looks pretty bad on me, it's not necessarily too light, but it is definitely the wrong tone and makes my neck look super yellow in comparison.

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It does have decent medium coverage that is buildable, but doesn't look too cakey. It does tend to stick to dry skin which isn't very flattering and I can see a lot of texture around my eyelid where a lot of my dry skin is. Other than the dry skin it does look quite smooth over the rest of my skin.

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I was given a sample of the next shade up W02 in my Sweetcorea order so I wanted to try it out too. Sadly the next shade is also pretty neutral toned too so it looks strange, though as you can see I have tried my best to use bronzer to make it match my skin. However if you compare my chin in both pictures you can definitely see that the shades are not that far away from each other and neither are a good match for my skin.

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After 8 hours this foundation is clinging to dry patches but isn't looking oily at all which is a pretty big feat for me. The coverage hasn't faded too much either which gives me hope for wearing this foundation during summer if I can find a good shade.

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Final Thoughts

I'm very impressed by the formula of this foundation, but not at all by the shade that I purchased in particular. The formula has beautiful medium coverage, a smooth satin finish that is easily mattified by a good translucent powder and pretty good longevity through the colder winter weather. However. For a shade marketed as yellow based or warm toned, this is one of the most neutral shades I now own which is disappointing. I will also take the time to acknowledge my privilege as a white woman, I can walk into most beauty stores in the world and still find a foundation shade that is passable, even being on the paler end of the spectrum. It may not be a perfect match, but I will still have many options in foundations shades, not even taking into account how easy it is for someone my skin colour to find items like eye shadow primer, powders, bronzers and blush shades that work. For an East Asian brand, 12 shades in a foundation range is very good. Usually there are two or three shades of pale, or one pale "universal" shade. The range could be more inclusive by adding an equal amount of dark shades to the light shades, so it seems very ungrateful that I'm complaining about the shade being the wrong tone. But since the shade range separates the shades by undertone, it seems strange that the two warm tones I swatched are more neutral than my entire collection of foundations, BB Creams and cushions. But, it is what it is.

You can purchase the A'Pieu Personal Tone Foundation from Roseroseshop for $11.65

Becca McAvinue