Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss! I picked these up for my full face of Canmake, and I was so excited to try these because they are marketed as colour changing glosses! One of the shades looks black, so this was such an exciting product line to try out for me!

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An astonishing gloss that turns pink as it reacts with moisture. It reacts with the moisture in your lips, so the precise shade and depth of color differ from one wearer to another. The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.

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The packaging of these glosses is very cute and functional. The have a small fluffy doe foot applicator, but this one is very straight like a little paddle rather than being on a slight angle. There are four shades in the collection and they all look relatively similar on me to be honest. They are supposed to change colour depending on the moisture in your lips, though I find they look exactly the same on me all the time which is quite interesting.


Canmake Gloss 01 1.jpg

Shade 01 is a clear gloss that turns into a light cool toned pink on my lips.

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This is a really pretty shade for me and almost looks the most natural. These glosses are really easy to apply and they have a lovely texture too. They aren't sticky, but still feel quite thick and moisturising.

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Shade 02 is clear with holographic glitter in the tube and looks like a natural warm toned pink on my lips.

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I can barely see the glitter on my lips but boy can I feel it when I rub my lips together! It feels like very fine dust which isn't the most pleasant feeling! This shade looks the most natural on my lips, but I can't stand the texture of the glitter unfortunately.

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Canmake Gloss 03 1.jpg

Shade 04 is a light purple in the tube and a darker cool toned pink on my lips.

Canmake Gloss 03 2.jpg

This shade is quite vibrant on my lips and is probably quite a good shade for Princesses with deeper complexions. This is a really pretty shade and I enjoy wearing it! I find that these glosses don't last long at all, maybe 1 to 2 hours at most for the shine, but once the gloss itself is gone it does leave a slight tint to the lips which lasts about another hour at most.

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Canmake Gloss 04 1.jpg

Shade 04 looks black in the tube but looks like a vibrant cool toned pink on my lips.

Canmake Gloss 04 2.jpg

This is definitely the most interesting looking gloss out of the four, and I am very happy that my lips don't look black when I wear this in most instances! I do find that if I am cold it doesn't go quite as pink as it is here which is very interesting. It is a fun colour to apply in public because most people expect it to be a black gloss, but it doesn't come out that way at all!

Canmake Gloss 04 3.jpg

Final Thoughts

These glosses are so much fun, however they really do look quite similar and I don't think many people would need all 4 shades. I find them easy to apply although they don't last very long, and they fade away gracefully throughout the day if you don't want to reapply. I especially like the texture of these glosses, they're quite thick so my lips stay moisturized for almost the entire day, but they don't feel sticky or gloopy. The only think I specifically dislike about these gloss is that the glitter gloss does have a rough dust like texture on the lips which becomes more obvious as the gloss itself wears off and the glitter particles stick to your lips. The first shade is definitley my favourite and will be the shade that I keep out of the four!

You can purchase the Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss from Dokodemo for $12.03NZD

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