It's Skin Babyface Petit Pact

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin Babyface Petit Pact! I picked this powder up for my full face of It's Skin which hasn't been uploaded yet but I did actually pre record it so far in advance that I didn't realize that this was scheduled to be reviewed before the full face came out. I don't know how that happened, but I'm sure we'll all cope.

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Offering natural and flawless coverage to defects on your skin, the lightweight compact does not lump and helps to control sebum for a dewy, matte finish. Puff included.

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The packaging of this powder is very cute, the outer comes with the cutest little plastic wings that I always wish were actually stuck to the compact itself. The compact itself is actually double layered, the top layer has the powder itself which has the usual print of the babyface face. I do dislike that the powder sits so low in the compact, it just looks odd. The second layer contains a mirror for ants and a useless cushion puff.

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I have the lightest shade in the range which is number 1. The powder itself is quite light and warm toned, but blends out to almost nothing on my skin which is nice. However, I do find that it reacts badly with some bases, in particular the Moonshot Face Balm that I'm reviewing this month which turns a great shade of orange.

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I do find that this powder mattifies my skin really well, but doesn't bur any of my pores or provide more coverage. It does actually make my skin look a little dry which I don't like as much, I think this would be much better for Princesses without dry skin.

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After 8 hours this powder does look quite oily on my skin in most cases, though I find that it changes depending on what base I use underneath. Most bases end up quite oily, but the Moonshot Face Balm and another of my Missha cream compacts end up looking quite different.

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With cream based foundations I find that this powder makes my skin look super dry and old. I find that it really emphasizes texture on my skin and all the little fine lines that I generally hide with better base choices.

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Final Thoughts

This is another Babyface product and setting powder that just doesn't work out well for my skin. It really mattifies my skin which is quite nice, but it also really emphasizes dry patches on my skin which isn't flattering. I also find that it reacts differently with quite a lot of bases, so it's not a powder that I find to be reliable. A lot of the time it looks super oily after 8 hours of wear, but with some bases it just emphasizes my fine lines. Either way, I don't like the way it looks on my skin sadly!

You can purchase the It's Skin Babyface Petit Pact from Jolse for $5.58

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