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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks! I picked these up for my full face of Canmake, and have been wanting to try them out literally forever but just haven't gotten around to purchasing them. They're not really a requested item, so a lot of the time I pick up products that you guys have requested reviews on rather than products that are on my personal wishlist. This time, I decided that a full face of Canmake was the perfect way to include these little beauties!

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Matte powder creates a soft shading effect! The matte texture ensures a translucent finish that never looks heavy, Enhances your complexion, giving you the softest, cutest cheeks. Matte powder with a soft-focus effect gives you a poreless look. With a highly light-diffusing effect, Focus Powder softly obscures textural irregularities caused by pores, concealing both fine lines and pores! Contains sebum-absorbing powder (silica) to prevent make-up run. Keeps your make-up in place for hours on end.

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The packaging of these blushes is very cute and quite minimalist. They come in a clear plastic container with a teeny tiny brush that actually does work well to apply the product if you're very patient. There are three colours in the range at the moment, though there used to be a fourth shade that I would have really liked to try but it appears to be discontinued. All three shades look surprisingly nice on my skintone!

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01 Matte Apricot

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The first shade is Matte Apricot which is a beautiful coral pink shade.

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This is a really beautiful shade for my skin tone and I get a lot of wear out of it. I definitely recommend using a medium sized fluffy brush to swirl the colours around for best colour application. I find the shades too small to pick and choose from, so using a fluffy brush ensures that I pick up the correct amount of each shade.

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02 Matte Girly Rose

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Matte Girly Rose is a cool toned pink.

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This is a beautiful shade, but I don't think it suits my skin as much as the other two do. All three of these blushes apply beautifully to my skin and make it look super soft and smooth. They are a little more on the sheer side, so building them up slowly is the key. They don't remove any of the foundation underneath which gives me the most beautiful looking cheeks!

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03 Matte Marmalade

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Matte Marmalade is an absolutely gorgeous peach shade.

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This is surprisingly my favourite shade out of the entire range! An orange, who am I! Since this is more of a peachy shade it looks so flattering on my skin tone and it actually looks the most natural. This is the shade that I get the most wear out of!

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Final Thoughts

I am absolutely in love with these little blushes and I'm so glad that I picked them up! The shade range is gorgeous, the powders themselves have such a beautiful formula and they're absolutely beautiful to look at too. I don't think I've had blushes look so nice on my skin before and I'm not really sure what it is about them that makes them look so nice on my skin, but I love it. The peach shade is my favourite out of the three, it just looks the most flattering on my skin tone in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend these to any Princesses looking for blushes with cute printed patterns and a beautiful formula.

You can purchase the Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks from Dokodemo for $15.01NZD each

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