Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion! I picked this up so that I could fit something into this gorgeous cushion case from Stylenanda since they do not make cushion refills, even though their cases are clearly refillable. A Princesses mentioned in the comments on the original review of this cushion that Moonshot cushion fit into this case, so I decided to pick up a refill and try one out!

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Elastic fine mesh gives soft particles with thin and even application onto skin. Melts naturally on skin temperature to cover blemishes perfectly with balm texture. Moisture ingredient sooth dead skin for healthy glow. 

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I have the refill for this cushion, so it comes in a little purple plastic bag. The refill comes with a cushion puff which is super cute although a little on the small side. This refill fits into the Stylenanda case perfectly! The cushion itself is quite interesting, it has a very fine mesh over the top of a thick cream product. The cream is quite oily, and I find that this transfers to the lid of the compact too!

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I have the shade 101 which is the lightest shade in the range. Unfortunately this is not light for me, it's actually quite dark and very beige toned. My skin suits shades like Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia which is very light with warm yellow undertones. The cushion texture is quite thin and has a beautiful luminous glow when swatched, but it blends out to be very sheer on the skin.

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On my face you can tell that it's not particularly the right shade, though I can get away with it juuusttttt as it is quite a sheer product. I find that the cushion puff picks up quite a lot of the balm, and this means that I need to sheer it out on my skin with the cushion puff quite a lot too.

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This cushion has a very dewy finish which I think is beautiful. However, it has very little coverage and doesn't cover my light scars and freckles let alone the darker scars. I definitely need to set this cushion with a powder as it is quite sticky, I found that my hair stuck to my face too much without powder!

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After 8 hours this cushion is looking even dewier. This is so dewy that it passes over that invisible line to oily for me and I want to blot my skin.

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I did find that it wore off places that I touched like my chin, but places that I don't touch like my forehead and nose actually stayed pretty in tact. However, it is too dewy for my liking, even in winter when I like a dewy finish!

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Final Thoughts

This is a beautiful cushion if you are looking for a dewy finish. However, it's not a cushion for my unfortunately. I think that the initial finish is pretty, but the colour isn't suitable for my skin tone. The longevity isn't there for me either, I would definitely need to blot my skin after 8 hours which isn't ideal, my skin isn't really oily either so that was quite a surprise! I would definitely recommend this cushion for Princesses with dry skin that are looking for a very dewy finish to their cushions!

You can purchase the Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion Refill from Beautyboxkorea for $17.83

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