TonyMoly Inked Lasting Mascara

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly Inked Lasting Mascara! This was a recommendation from one of my sweet subscribers after I reviewed the TonyMoly Ink Gel Liners which were super cute, but weren't really that functional. As soon as I saw the packaging I knew I wanted to try it out, I also got the brow gel too which I will be reviewing in September!

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Mascara fits eyelashes and covers them naturally, providing complete eyelashes with volume and curl. Mascara is resistant to everyday sweat, moisture and tears, and lasts for a long time without smearing due Daily Proof Film system

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The packaging of this mascara is really cute, it looks like a little fountain pen which I think is super cute! The Volume one comes with a rose gold cap, whereas the the Lengthening one has a silver cap. The mascara wand is really fluffy and has an interesting tapered tip.

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I find this mascara really easy to apply and it does volumise my lashes quite nicely, though I do find that my lashes tend to get clumpy as the tapered tip picks up quite a lot of product. I do think that it looks great on my lower lashes though!

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After a full days wear my lashes still look pretty good! I don't find that it smudges too much on my under eye area and the lashes are still pretty curled too.

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Final Thoughts

I actually really enjoy wearing this mascara! I think it makes my lashes look really nice and full, they stay curled throughout the day and don't flake off and smudge on my under eye area. I love the packaging, it's sleek and cute at the same time, and I love the rose gold top which is absolutely why I chose the the Volume over the Lengthening formula. The mascara isn't too expensive at $8.30, so it's definitely a product that I would recommend!

You can purchase the TonyMoly Inked Lasting Mascara from Roseroseshop for $8.30

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