Labiotte Classic Made Fitting Cushion

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Labiotte Classic Made Fitting Cushion! I have wanted this cushion for ages because the packaging is so cute and it comes with a little bear shaped cushion puff which is absolutely adorable too! I finally got round to purchasing it in my last order from IBuyBeauti and it is even cuter than I thought it would be!

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It increases the coverage to microfiber layering. Thinly stacked to complete the skin without defect. Light air layer powder and fine blurring powder come in perfect contact. Continues make-up for 25 hours. (There are individual differences.)

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This cushion comes in a box that contains a refill and the cushion itself. The cushion case is absolutely adorable, it's a light shiny rose with two bears sitting back to back on the cover. Inside the cushion is a cushion puff that is also shaped like a teddy bear head. The cushion puff is smaller than I prefer, and is actually quite hard to use because of the shape to the ears.

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I purchased the shade 21 Light Beige and was surprised to see that it was quite dark and also quite orange! The shade really isn't suited well to my skin tone which is a lot lighter and more warm or yellow toned.

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The cushion is pretty easy to apply, though I found that I had to frequently dip back into the compact to get more of the cushion. The cushion itself has a very thin texture and sits nicely on my skin, but it has very little coverage, it almost just tints my skin slightly darker and slightly more orange without the benefits of covering up scarring or texture.

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The cushion does look very pretty, but it almost just looks like my skin.

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It also makes me look a little orange. One of the girls in my dance class told me I had a foundation line that wasn't blended in and that my face was a different colour than the rest of my body which actually is true. It's just hard to capture in photographs and video footage.

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After 8 hours this cushion isn't holding up too well. It's very dewy to the point of almost being oily.

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I found that this cushion wore away pretty badly on my cheeks, chin and nose where my glasses sit. It's not the best for longevity for me!

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Final Thoughts

Although I love the packaging of this cushion, almost everything else about it is not suited to my skin. The colour isn't great for me, there are two shades in the collection which is extremely limiting as it is, but this as the lightest shade is pretty disappointing for me. I have had a few dud base products lately and it's worth noting that I don't expect everything to match me completely and I know that a foundation being slightly too orange for my skin is not the end of the world, and that I have it so much easier than Princesses on the deeper side of skin tones who wouldn't be able to wear either of the two shades of the cushion. Labiotte desperately needs to extend it's colour range, not only so that I can wear this cushion, but so that the rest of the world has a higher chance of wearing this cushion too. I don't love the light coverage of this cushion and I don't love the longevity either, so it's not a product that I will continue to use.

You can purchase the Labiotte Classic Made Fitting Cushion from IBuyBeauti for $23.87

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