It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Melting Lip & Cheek Powder

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Melting Lip & Cheek Powder! I picked these up for my full face of It's Skin because they looked like really interesting products. I have never tried a powder to liquid or cream product before, so this was definitely a new one for me!

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Light adhesion: The moist fitting. Vivid color: Lip & Cheek expressed. Melting powder: Contact with moist lips turns into an emulsion formulation.

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These powder come housed in little tubs with a small, straight doe foot applicator that dips into the powder. I find it difficult to use this applicator, but we will get into that soon. There are five shades in this collection and the shade range is quite nice, however I was quite disappointed with Dusty Rose, it looks a lot like Acid Tangerine on me!

Retro Red

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Retro Red is a lovely blue based red shade.

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This is a really lovely classic shade that works well as a blush as well as a lipstick on my skin. Although the colour is lovely, the application of the product as a blush or lipstick is well below average or acceptable for me. As a blush the pigment melts into the skin quickly and stains the skin which makes it literally painful to blend out nicely as I have to tug on my skin to blend the harsh edges. This also removes most of the coverage of the foundation underneath which leaves my scars very visible.

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Acid Tangerine

It's Skin Lip Acid Tangerine 1.jpg

Acid Tangerine is a great tangerine shade.

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This is a very accurate name for the shade which I appreciate! I don't mind this shade as a blush colour, but don't love it as a lipstick colour. I find these powders just as difficult to apply as a lipstick, the applicator actually gets in the way as the doe foot is too close to the cap. This means that I can't get the doe foot to outline my lips easily because I literally cannot see where it is. Since this is a powder it also doesn't create a sharp line for the lips.

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Bubble Pink

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Bubble Pink is a gorgeous cool toned pink shade.

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This isn't a shade that I think looks good on my skin tone, but I do think it's a pretty shade nonetheless! Princesses with dry lips are not going to love these powders as lipsticks because they cling to dry patches or flakes and really emphasizes them. It also won't stick to certain parts of my lips which makes all of the shades look quite blotchy and uneven.

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Tweed Pink

It's Skin Lip Tweed Pink 1.jpg

Tweed Pink is a beautiful warm toned pink.

It's Skin Lip Tweed Pink 2.jpg

This is actually my favourite shade as a lipstick! I think the shade looks really nice with my skin tone and it seemed to be the easiest to apply, though I don't think the formula really changes that much between shades.

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Dusty Rose

It's Skin Lip Dusty Rose 1.jpg

Dusty Rose is a disappointing brick red shade.

It's Skin Lip Dusty Rose 2.jpg

This shade looked so promising in the bottle and on the promo photos, but in reality for me it's just a disappointing warm toned red. It's not awful and I still think it looks nice on my skin, however it's not a shade that I choose to wear because I prefer Retro Red over this one.

It's Skin Lip Dusty Rose 3.jpg

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely not a fan of these little powders! I think it is a shame because they sounded so interesting, but I think they lack quite a few practical aspects from how hard they are to blend out to how short that doe foot applicator is. Overall it's a fun gimmick because the powders do feel like they turn to liquid, but for the results I don't think these are worth the hassle of using.

You can purchase the It’s Skin It’s Top Professional Melting Lip & Cheek Powder from IBuybeauti for $4.93

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