Tony Moly Inked Colouring Brow

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Inked Colouring Brow! I picked this up for my full face of Tony Moly a couple of months ago because the packaging was just so cute. I'm always on the hunt for a good brow product and I can never find one with a good colour!

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Produces distinct yet natural color. Light textures are quickly set without clutter. Three-dimensional eyebrow texture is completed. It carries between the eyebrows and smoothly creates smooth eyebrows. It forms a perfect coating film resistant to moisture. Improves color development and sustainability. A slim and delicate brush curls the eyebrows carefully.

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This brow gel comes housed in the cutest packaging, it's shaped like a little fountain pen with rose gold embellishments. The brush is super small which is great for the brows! It's super easy to use , I simply brush it through my brows and that's it!

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I have the dark brown shade which is the darkest shade in the range. It's quite a nice ashy brown shade, but I wish that it was a little darker!

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I find that the brow gel works really well on my good brow but also pretty decently on my scarred brow too. The gel sticks quite well to the scar tissue which is great for me because usually the brow gels do not!

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The brow gel lasts all day on my brows and keeps them glued in place.

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Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using this brow gel! I think the packaging is gorgeous, the colour works well with my brows and the formula is fantastic too. There isn’t much more I can say about this brow mascara really, but I do enjoy wearing it and will continue to use it when I can’t be bothered doing my brows!

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