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Hello Princesses!

I have been blogging since 2012 and have always enjoyed it. However lately it has been becoming something that just takes up too much time in comparison to what I'm getting out of it in terms of income and happiness. I spend about 10-15 hours per week just taking the photos, editing photos, and writing blog posts, but I earn absolutely no money because I cannot monetize my Squarespace account without paying for a business account which I cannot afford. My blogspot still generates about $4NZD per month in ad revenue which is on par to what I was earning from it when I was posting regularly, the difference being that I’m not paying to host my blog on

Since taking a break from blogging for 5 weeks while I was in Europe I have realized that the blogging has become more like a chore than something I look forward to. I haven't had any comments on any of the posts I have made on my Squarespace account, despite 6,000 different people visiting my posts per month. This is partially my fault as the comments have to be enabled on every post and I forget to click that button which is a stupid design really. But, I do realize that many more people view my Youtube videos than the do my blog. As we all evolve and change throughout the years I feel like standard blogs are now a thing of the past and more and more people turn to videos to get information. I have always loved reading blogs which is why I started my own of course, not to make money, but to create reviews and share wisdom. But blogging is not an inexpensive business, the most popular posts are the ones where I compare an entire range of lipsticks and show you the shade range on my lips. These posts can cost hundreds of dollars just for the products, let alone hosting the blog or the equipment used, and when I'm making $4 a month for 6 years it puts a financial strain on the rest of my life. I'm lucky that my Youtube makes a little money ($150NZD per month generally) but this is still well short of what I spend per month.

This is not sustainable.

I have only ever made two paid posts on my blog or Youtube in my entire 6 years creating content. I realize that a lot of people do not like advertisements or sponsored/paid posts but I put this question back to you. Would you rather a company pays me to speak about a product that I actually enjoy and endorse, or would you rather see the same money for the same ad go to a TV company, a radio company, or just Youtube themselves? The money for these ads will not go away, it will simply go to someone else. I don't approve of creators making paid content of products they do not endorse just so they can be paid, I don't think many people approve of this, but not every creator is corrupt. I think most people understand this, but a lot of people do not.

I will be continuing to create the same quality content as always, but it will be more focused on my Youtube channel. I will continue to cross post the videos here for the rest of the year until my yearly subscription is finished and then I will re-evaluate if I want to come back to creating content on my blog. Perhaps the time away will give me time to miss typing out blog posts because lord knows it's hard for me to string a coherent sentence together in a video which is why I resisted making videos for so long. I also thoroughly dislike people stealing my photos all the time, even though they're watermarked, and using them to sell the products they are reselling. Then when I contact them asking them to take the photos down they tell me they're allowed to use them as they found them on google like it's totally ok. It's extremely frustrating when you think about how long it took me to create that content that I don't actually get paid for, then someone else is using that content to sell things so they can get paid, it really makes me want to throw my laptop across the room to be quite honest. I just found someone using my blog photos as a Youtube thumbnail with my photos throughout the video, that's awesome, thanks.

If you enjoy my content and would miss it feel free to leave a comment, I promise I actually enabled comments this time. If you enjoy my Youtube videos more, then also let me know. If I was to continue posting blog posts what content do you find the most helpful and enjoy viewing the most? From my analytics the lip swatch or cheek colour swatch videos always do the best in comparison to the foundation or skincare videos, but this does not always reflect what my subscribed readers enjoy. Why do you subscribe? Do you like my photography style? Do you like my writing style? Or do you just trust my opinion and that I won't sell you out for a couple of dollars.

It's time for a little time apart. It's not you, it's me.

Becca M / Little Porcelain Princess ❤️

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