It's Skin It's Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin It's Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation! I picked this up for my full face of It's Skin because it seemed like an interesting foundation to try and It's Skin didn't offer very many options for foundations. I picked up the lightest shade which is number 21, but this foundation only comes in two shades which is very disappointing.

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Foundation high fit, lasting + Concealer coverage for flawless skin finish. Reapplication gives BULD-UP for elastic silky skin texture with long lasting makeup. Artist touch pro master tip depending on angle pro master tip from wide areas to curved areas Giving quick and easy coverage.

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This foundation has a solid glass bottle and a massive doe foot applicator for it's packaging. The doe foot is so hard to pull out of the bottle and flicks foundation everywhere when it finally does come out. This results in the fluff starting to detach from the applicator because of the sheer firmness of the bottles inner nozzle. The doe foot barely picks up anything from the bottle, so I have to scoop more foundation out of the bottle about 4 to 5 times each time I use this.

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I have the shade 21 which is the lighter of the two shades. It is a little darker than I prefer but is a lovely warm toned shade. It does lean a little more towards beige or orange than yellow, but it still works for my skin.

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Aside from having to redip the applicator into the bottle all the time, this foundation is somewhat easy to apply. It dries down super quickly, so I recommend working in small areas at a time, but it does cover up redness and lighter scarring quite easily. I did not find this formula to be buildable, it didn't give me any more coverage but did make my skin look very textured.

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The foundation has a very matte finish and does not need to be set with powder unless you want more oil control. It does accentuate the texture on my skin and clings to dry patches which isn't ideal, but is generally expected with a matte finish foundation.

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This is what my skin looks like if I don't set this foundation with powder after 8 hours. It actually has very good longevity and oil control on it's own, my nose looks oily as does my forehead, but the rest of my face looks great and hasn't worn away more than necessary. I find that my skin looks the best if I set my nose and forehead for a little more oil control.

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Final Thoughts

There are quite a few things that I like about this foundation, and quite a few that I do not like. The colour range is disappointing, two shades is not enough to cater to the majority of skin colours so it's not likely that many people will get a good match with this foundation. The packaging doesn't really work, the opening that the doe foot comes out of is just way too small and it makes my life difficult, the doe foot also doesn't pick up enough foundation. I do like the matte finish for summer, but during winter for me it does accentuate dry patches on my skin which isn't very flattering, but it does have decent oil control so it's definitely a foundation I would recommend for oily skinned Princesses! I would still recommend setting this with a translucent setting powder for best oil controlling results however. It's not really the best foundation for me as the packaging is just so frustrating, but it's also been one of the more interesting foundations that I've tried in a while!

You can purchase the It's Skin It's Top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation from Jolse for $11.46

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