Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation

Pony Effect Cushion 0.png

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation! I picked this up because I had so so many requests to review it, and I was able to find it on Yesstyle for $20NZD which is crazy cheap, usually they are about $30USD which equals about $40NZD so I snapped it up as quickly as possible!

Pony Effect Cushion 1.png

A Makeup Holding System (fast fitting, long-lasting function) cushion foundation. It brightens your skin without darkening.

Pony Effect Cushion 2.png

This cushion comes packaged in an elegant square container with reflective surfaces that refuse to be photographed easily but insist on looking dirty as soon as you touch it. There is a large mirror inside and of course a cushion puff. I'm quite surprised by the quality of the puff, it's the thickest and softest puff I have ever tried and once my other puffs are ruined I plan on purchasing more of the Pony ones because they are amazing. The compact feels quite weighty and sturdy which means it should travel well.

Pony Effect Cushion 3.png

Inside the compact there is the cushion that holds the liquid foundation. To use it you simply dip the puff into the sponge and pat it on your skin. Simple! I purchased the shade Fair which is the lightest in the range.

Pony Effect Cushion 4.png

I always compare my base products to my perfect foundation match which is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia. The Pony cushion is a pretty good shade for Porcelain Princesses, it's quite light and definitely warm toned. It's not quite as yellow as Siberia, but it's quite a difficult shade to match!

Pony Effect Cushion 5.png

I find this cushion very easy to apply and the puff picks up a lot of product! It provides really nice medium coverage for my skin, it covers up the majority of the flaws on my skin aside from the very dark scarring and acne.

Pony Effect Cushion 6.png

I don't find that it does very much for the texture on my skin, it doesn't make it look any worse but it also doesn't hide it. The cushion leaves my skin looking very beautiful and dewy which I really enjoy.

Pony Effect Cushion 7.png

After a long summers day this cushion doesn't look great.  I find that it almost melts on my skin and looks quite broken up. My skin does look a little oily which isn't unusual for me during summer, but this definitely isn't the product that I would choose for long hot summer days.

Pony Effect Cushion 8.png

On this day I was at work for the entire day where it is air conditioned and very cool. I found that the cushion held up substantially better when I wasn't sweating. There is a little oil around my T Zone, but nothing extreme and the cushion still looks beautiful after 10 hours.

Final Thoughts

This is a beautiful cushion for me to wear during the cooler weather, but it's not a product that I would recommend to Princesses in warmer climates or for wear during Summer.  I absolutely adore the packaging and the luxe cushion puff, it comes in a great shade for Porcelain Princesses with warmer toned skin and holds up pretty well during the cooler days. I'll be saving this cushion for use during winter, but I'm definitely going to be trying out more products from Pony Effect if I can get them for a good price!