Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about the Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream! I picked this cream up when I was in Napier for work in 2017 from a really cute little store. It was a little more expensive than I could find it online, but real life stores are so important to support and they can be really helpful when looking for the correct shade!

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Naturally dissolves and conveys ample moisture to the dry skin. Smooth texture gifts smooth moisture to the skin without stickiness. Mildly cools the skin temperature and soothes the sensitive skin.

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This cream comes housed in an elegant jar that is functional for half it's life, and irritating for the remainder. I find that the jar is a little too tall, and even though it comes with a fairly long spatula, it's annoying to stick your whole hand into the jar to get out the remainder of the cream. The cream itself is white in colour and has a moderately thick texture. It's easy to spread out on my skin and does take a little more effort to absorb than other creams I use. I find that I need to massage this cream in well to get the best finish, if I try to pat it in I just end up patting my face for what seems like hours.

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I find that this cream hydrates my skin nicely initially, but the hydration just doesn't last for me. After about 6 hours I can feel tightness around my mouth which is my driest area. It claims to cool the skin, but I personally don't feel that effect.

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Final Thoughts

I have actually finished the whole tub of this cream! I enjoyed using it, but it's not a product that I would repurchase again. My main faults with this cream is that it didn't keep my skin moisturised throughout the day and the packaging is a little annoying. It is 100ml which is bigger than the average face cream for me at least, but I would prefer a 50ml is a smaller, squatter jar so my fingers literally don't go inside the jar which I think is a little gross. My skin is combo at the moment, oily across the forehead and nose, dry on the chin and cheeks. I find that it works well for the oily parts of my skin, so it's definitely a skincare product I would recommend more towards oily skin rather than dry skin.

You can purchase the Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream from Jolse for $27.45USD

Becca McAvinue