Sunkiller Sunscreen Comparison

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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about three of the Sunkiller Sunscreens! I've been loving Sunkiller sunscreens for about a year now and since there are so many different types I thought I would show you a couple contrasting styles. I have a long lasting formula, a moisturising formula and one for sensitive skin too.

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Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus

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The Perfect Strong Plus sunscreen is a long lasting formula with a matte finish. This is marketed as water, sweat and sebum resistant, doubles as a make up base and is removable with your regular face wash. The UV filters are Zinc Oxide, Octinxate, octocrylene and Uvinul A Plus. The formula also has alcohol in it to help it dry down quickly as well as a few silicones to give the skin a smooth finish.

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This is my favourite sunscreen to wear during summer when I'm likely to sweat and produce more sebum. The Plus formula dries down to a matte finish, but doesn't look powdery. I don't get a white cast from this sunscreen, but since I have a fairer complexion I don't generally have a big issue with white casts. This sunscreen dries down so quickly, I only have to pat my skin a couple of times for the perfect application. I find this formula to be too drying to use during winter, it makes my skin feel very tight and uncomfortable, so it's a summer only sunscreen for me.

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Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture

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The Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture is a moisturising sunscreen. This formula is also marketed as water, sweat and sebum resistant, works as a make up base and is removable with your regular face wash. The ingredients list includes hyaluronic acid and collagen to keep the skin moisturised and does not contain alcohol for those who have sensitive skin. The UV filters for this sunscreen are Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Uvinul A Plus.

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This is a great sunscreen for the cooler winter weather or when I want my make up base to stay looking super dewy and fresh. It doesn't make my face look like it's melting off which some sunscreens can, it has a non sticky satin finish that works well under make up or just on it's own. I don't experience any white cast with this formula, and since the texture is so watery and milky I don't think it's one that would throw a white cast on many skin tones. Like the Strong Plus, this sunscreen dries down fairly quickly which means I don't have to spend a lot of time on application. It's my current favourite sunscreen for winter.

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Sunkiller Baby Milk

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The Sunkiller Baby Milk is a great choice for sensitive skin. This formula is not marketed as water, sweat or sebum resistant, but should double as a make up base and should be removable with your regular face wash. The UV filters are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which are both considered to be "physical filters" which are more suited to sensitive skin than "chemical filters" are, though this largely depends on each individual. The formula is free of alcohol, fragrances and preservatives.

Sunkiller Baby Milk 2.png

This sunscreen has a heavy white cast and is one that I choose if I am definitely going to be wearing make up that day. The white cast doesn't show up as well in photos, but check out the video at the top to see the difference. This formula is thicker, harder to spread out and takes longer to dry down, but it is a lot more gentle on the skin. This is my favourite formula for when my skin feels ultra dry and needs babying.

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Final Thoughts

Sunkiller sunscreens seem to work so well for my skin, and they have quite a few beautiful formulas. I hope this was somewhat helpful in deciphering the differences between some of the formulas!

Becca McAvinue