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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about 10 skincare items from Nacific! Since there are 10 products to get through I will keep each individual review brief, please think of it as more of an introduction to the products rather than a detailed review as I have only had these products for two weeks. These products were kindly sent to me for review by Nacific! I was not paid to promote these items, but was sent them in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, and I was not asked to only say positive things about these products.

Real Floral Rose

Rose Floral.png

I was sent a toner and an air cream from the Real Flora Rose line. The packaging of both products is beautifully elegant and functional, though I would have liked a spatula for the air cream.

Real Floral Rose Toner

Rose Floral Toner 1.png

The Rose toner is absolutely beautiful, it has real rose petals floating in the toner which looks fantastic. The toner has a thin, watery consistency that absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It has a beautiful soft rose scent that isn't too overwhelming which I enjoy. This is a toner that would work best for my skin during the summer time since it is so lightweight.

Rose Floral Toner 2.png

Real Floral Rose Air Cream

Rose Floral Cream 1.png

The Rose Air Cream comes housed in an elegant tub, but doesn't come with a spatula which I recommend using since the cream is extremely thin and slippery. The cream has small rose petals throughout which looks amazing! The cream has a very thin gel like consistency which is easy to spread out and absorbs quickly. This makes it ideal for day time wear as it dries down quickly and doesn't leave any residue. It is a little too light for me to use during the day time.

Rose Floral Toner 2.png

Real Floral Calendula

Calendula Floral.png

I was also sent the toner and air cream from the Real Floral Calendula line too. The Calendula line looks the same as the rose line but has yellow Calendula petals rather than rose petals.

Real Floral Calendula Toner

Calendula Toner 1.png

The Calendula Toner is much the same as the Rose toner, but slightly more lightweight. It has a thin texture and absorbs quickly, but may be a little more suitable for my skin in the summer or for Princesses with oily skin. This toner also features Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica and 91% Calendula Water.

Calendula Toner 2.png

Real Floral Calendula Air Cream

Calendula Cream1.png

The Calendula Air Cream is also very similar to the Rose Air Cream, however the biggest difference for me is the inclusion of Alcohol in the formula. This helps the cream dry down super quickly and leave a lovely matte finish, but may be too drying for those with dry or sensitive skin. This is definitely a good choice for those with oily skin and a good tolerance to alcohol in skincare.

Calendula Cream 2.png

Fresh Herb Origin

Fresh Herb Origin.png

I was sent the toner, serum and cream from the Fresh Herb Origin line! This line is recommended for dry skin and is packed full of nourishing oils.

Fresh Herb Origin Toner

Fresh Herb Toner 1.png

The Fresh Herb Origin Toner comes housed in an elegant bottle with the usual shaker top. The toner itself is a golden in colour and has the thickest texture out of the four toners I was given, but it's still a pretty thin texture in general. This makes it easy to layer up and it's surprisingly hydrating given the thin texture. It also has beautiful ingredients like Adenosine, Niacinamide and Calendula extract to create a beautiful glow to the skin.

Fresh Herb Toner 2.png

Fresh Herb Origin Serum

Fresh Herb Serum 1.png

The Fresh Herb Origin Serum has very functional packaging, though it is important to empty the dropper top, shake the serum to combine the two liquids, then pick up the serum with the dropper top to ensure the serum stays in the optimal ratio. This serum is heavily scented by lemon which I don't find to be too pleasant, but not so strong that I wouldn't want to use the serum. This serum doesn't dry down too quickly which I find to be common among skincare that is more catered to dry skin and it doesn't bother me. It makes my skin look plump and hydrated which I absolutely love, and have been using this every night.

Fresh Herb Serum 2.png

Fresh Herb Origin Cream

Fresh Herb Cream 1.png

The Fresh Herb Origin Cream comes housed in a small yellow jar with a screw top. The cream is thick in texture, but easy to spread out. It does take a little while to dry down and absorb, so it's best for me to use at night time when my skin needs the nourishment and I'm not going to be putting make up on. This is a cream that I would recommend for very dry skin, or as a night cream for beautiful plump skin in the morning.

Fresh Herb Cream 2.png

Phyto Niacin Whitening

Phyto Niacin.png

From the Phyto Niacin Whitening line I was sent a toner, an essence and a tone up cream. The whitening line has pretty white packaging that fits the name. In general, the whitening line aims to brighten the skin tone and fade blemishes, rather than to bleach the skin which is a common misconception. I do have the tone up cream which gives the skin a white cast, but this is not a permanent effect.

Phyto Niacin Whitening Toner

Phyto Niacin Toner 1.png

The Phyto Niacin Whitening Toner has a very thin watery consistency that spreads out easily and is absorbed quickly into the skin. This toner features 5% Niaciniamide in the formula to help brighten up the complexion and fade scars which I appreciate, though I would need longer than two weeks of use to see any visible results.

Phyto Niacin Toner 2.png

Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence

Phyto Niacin Essence 1.png

The Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence comes housed in a function dropper top bottle which makes it easy to get the correct amount of essence every time. The essence itself is also very thin in texture which helps it to absorb quickly and leave the skin looking fresh and hydrated due to the Hyaluronic Acid and plant extracts in the formula. Again, this essence should brighten up the complexion and help to fade scars with continued use.

Phyto Niacin Essence 2.png

Phyto Niacin Whitening Tone Up Cream

Phyto Niacin Cream 1.png

The Phyto Niacin Whitening Tone Up cream comes housed in an elegant pump tube which I appreciate. I dislike tone up creams that come in jars as the cream gets under my nails. The cream itself has a thin lotion like texture and is easy to spread out on the skin. It does leave a light tone up effect on the skin that doesn't make my face look grey and is very natural. I like to use this on my neck to help blend my face make up. The white cast is primarily caused by the titanium dioxide in the formula, thought it is not to be used as a sunscreen source. This brightening effect will be washed off at the end of the day, but since the formula also contains Niacinamide, Squalane, Propolis, Adenosine, Allatoin, Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine it is not just a cosmetic product, but will have great benefits for the skin too.

Phyto Niacin Cream 2.png

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed trying out these skincare items from Nacific! Though I haven't had much time to try these products and show any results, I definitely do have some recommendations. If you want beautiful skincare and simple hydration I would recommend the Rose Floral Line. If you like beautiful skincare but have oily skin I would instead recommend the Real Floral Calendula line. For dry skin needing a lot of hydration, I would recommend the Fresh Herb Origin line, and for those wanting to brighten their complexion I would recommend the Phyto Niacin Whitening line. Of course these lines can be mixed and matched too, so you can take a couple of items from each line to create your very own routine. I really do like these items, and I'm sure you will see them in an empties video shortly!

You can purchase Natural Pacific from Yesstyle!

Becca McAvinue