Innisfree Orchid Skin

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Innisfree Orchid Skin! In Korea or KBeauty in general, toners are sometimes referred to as skins, I'm not 100% sure why but I have accepted that as a fact. I saw this advertised and it sounded really nice, I prefer a heavier toner for winter and I do quite a few layers of toner, so this sounded right up my alley!

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The vitality of the Jeju orchid that blooms flowers even in severe cold. Orchidelixir™, a substance acquired from the Jeju orchid, is a powerful antioxidant that makes dry skin radiant and strengthens the skin’s defense system. Filled with nourishment, it enhances the resilience of the skin to correct visible wrinkles and clear the skin tone for radiant, healthy skin overall. The gel network technology adheres densely to the skin for instant hydration and flawless resilience.

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The Innisfree Orchid Skin comes in a gorgeous little purple bottle with a shaker top. It dispenses the toner well, I don't have to shake it too hard which I like. The toner itself has a pale milky colour and has a beautiful floral scent that isn't too strong.

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This toner absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue no matter how many layers I use. It makes my skin look beautifully plump and hydrated, it does look a little shiny but that doesn't bother me too much.

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Final Thoughts

I have really been enjoying this toner! There isn't anything that I dislike about it which is great, and it's definitely a toner that I would repurchase. It is quite hydrating, so it's a toner that I would recommend for Princesses with drier skin rather than oilier skin. It has pretty packaging, smells lovely and works well with my skin so I'm definitely a fan!

You can purchase the Innisfree Orchid Skin from Innisfree World for $32.53NZD

Becca McAvinue