Mamonde Rose Water Toner

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Mamonde Rose Water Toner! I have been curious about this toner for quite a while, and I saw it being sold in one of the KBeauty stores in Auckland. I was pretty desperate for a new toner, so even though it wasn't the most cost effective store, I decided to grab it anyway!

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90.89% Damask rose water. Damask roses grown in the world-famous rose valley of Bulgaria have been used to formulate toner since the 16th Century with their excellent soothing & hydrating effects and beautiful fragrance. Low-temp., super-high pressure rose water extraction. Unlike high-temp distillation that uses hot steam, we applied the pressure of 10,000 m under water in a low temperature to minimize deformation of active ingredients by heat.

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This toner comes in a pretty big bottle, I have the 250ml version but it also comes in a 500ml version too. The bottle is super cute and very much my aesthetic. I also quite like the little nozzle, it makes it pretty easy to disperse the toner. The toner itself is clear in colour and has a watery texture which isn't surprising since it's a Rose Water Toner. It's easy to spread out and absorbs quickly. It is very fragranced, so if you don't really love the scent of roses I would recommend choosing another toner.

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I find this toner to be very lightly hydrating, and even if I do 7 layers my skin still feels like it needs more. It doesn't make my skin look plumper or more hydrated which is very disappointing.

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Final Thoughts

I love the packaging, I love the scent, but I don't find that this toner is hydrating enough for my skin. It's definitely a toner I would recommend for oily skin types because it doesn't leave a shiny finish and it is lighter, but for drier skin types this may not be enough. I do find that it works well as a mist because it is so light, I have been using this to keep my skin from drying out during the day as well as over make up to stop my skin looking to powdery. It is a beautiful toner, but not one that suits my skin type.

You can purchase the Mamonde Rose Water Toner from Roseroseshop for $18.20 (500ml)

Becca McAvinue