Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV! I picked this up for my full face of Canmake, but I had actually seen a few people raving about this sunscreen and it's moisturising capabilities before which intrigued me initially. The packaging is also absolutely up my alley, it's pastel and cute which is my aesthetic to a T.

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Smooth gel without that roughness or stickiness characteristic of most sunscreens. Recommended for those who prefer a light, refreshing sunscreen. Gel breaks down into a watery texture as you smooth it over your skin. After using face wash, this is all you need for complete skincare and UV protection. Can also be used after your usual facial lotion and other skincare products. Serves as a moisturizing make-up base with UV protection. Infuses your skin with moisture, helping your foundation to sit better and last longer.

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The packaging of this sunscreen is very aesthetically pleasing to me as well as being functional. It sits tip down ensuring you use as much product as possible and is dispersed through a small nozzle giving you pretty good control as to how much is dispersed. The sunscreen itself is a pale yellow colour that blends out to be colourless. It does however leave a light sheen or shimmer on the skin which is interesting! The main sunscreen ingredients include Octinoxate Uvinal A Plus, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Tinosorb S. Octinoxate is not a coral safe ingredient as it causes coral bleaching

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I find this sunscreen really easy to apply, it glides smoothly on the skin and absorbs quickly too. I do find myself often not applying quite enough for adequate sun protection, but since the texture is so thin I can easily layer on a second layer if needed. It is very moisturising and doesn't cling to any dry patches which I love. It does leave a slight shimmer and dewiness to my skin which I love as a make up base, but can look a touch oily if I'm not wearing make up over the top.

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Final Thoughts

I absolutely adore this sunscreen for the cooler winter weather, but it's not likely to be one that I wear during summer. The shimmery finish it leaves look gorgeous under make up if you like a dewy finish to your skin, but if you want a fully matte sunscreen this is not the one for you! The inclusion of the ingredient Octinoxate in the sunscreen is a little concerning to me, though I don't have any coral reef's nearby and I rarely go swimming in the first place. There is a small amount of research showing that just washing the sunscreen off your skin will lead to it ending up in the ocean and contributing to the issue of coral bleaching, but so far the biggest cause of coral bleaching is global warming, the increase of tourism in these areas, as well as the sunscreens used when swimming near coral reefs. Of course this is not a sunscreen that should be used if you will be in close contact with a coral reef, but for someone like me who is located in the center of an island, the damage caused is less significant. To put it into perspective,  the amount of products I ship from overseas coupled with the amount of products I consume that are difficult to recycle contributes more damage to the environment than the wash off of Octinoxate in this sunscreen.

You can purchase the Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV from Dokodemo for $12.14NZD.

Becca McAvinue