It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence

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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence! I picked this up for my full face of It's Skin because I always need sunscreens and the description looked quite promising. I usually enjoy sunscreens marketed as sun essences, because they tend to be a lot thinner and more cosmetically elegant than the thicker sun blocks.

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Blocks UV rays completely without burden 365 days. Blocks UVA and UVB to protect skin against skin trouble by UV rays.  Silky finish without stickiness. Essence texture like skin care.

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This sunscreen comes packaged in a pretty bottle with a rose gold metallic lid. It has a screw top with a small nozzle to disperse the sunscreen easily. Since the sunscreen is thinner in texture this dispenser works well.

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The sunscreen itself is yellow in colour and has a thin oily texture. It looks like the sunscreen and the essence have separated, but no matter how much I shake the sunscreen I can't get it to change consistency which is extremely unusual. The sunscreen is a little difficult to spread out as it absorbs quite quickly, I find it best to do two layers at least to get even coverage.

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When my skin is quite dry I find that this sunscreen soaks into my skin quickly and leaves a satin like finish. However when my skin is more moisturized it sits on top of my skin for quite a while and looks a little oily.

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I don't find that this sunscreen leaves a white cast on my skin, however since it is yellow in colour and doesn't seem to have any of the sunscreen ingredients mixed into it I can't say for sure if this is that accurate.

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Final Thoughts

I am very on the fence with this sunscreen! I have never used a yellow coloured sunscreen before, and since I can see very small amounts of white particles floating in the yellow essence this leads me to believe that the sunscreen isn't mixing correctly and I'm not actually getting any of the sun protecting ingredients on my skin. I have literally shaken this for 5 minutes and the texture has not changed, I also left it standing tip down for 24hours to see if the sun protecting ingredients might be stuck down the bottom but the texture still did not change. I may be mistaken in believing that this should be white in colour as there are some sunscreens that have a yellow tinge to them, but I can't find any photos of the product itself online that show the colour and texture which is so frustrating. When the sun is out I am going to try this sunscreen on my arm to see if I burn or tan while using it in comparison to a part of skin that is not protected, however I will have to wait a couple of months to do this as it is the middle of winter here in New Zealand. If you have tried this sunscreen before and had a different experience I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

You can purchase the It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence from Roseroseshop for $8.91

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