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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Roseroseshop! I always shop with Roseroseshop because they have some of the lowest prices, they do ship by weight so sometimes the heavier items will end up being a little more expensive, but if you shop smart you can get some great bargains!

Website Practicality

I find Roseroseshop quite aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. You can shop by product or brand, but what annoys me is that if you shop by brand, you can't then filter by product, so if you're specifically looking for Etude House Foundations, you can't really filter for that. Otherwise, it's easy to add items to your cart and checkout. Roseroseshop ships worldwide and offers payments via Paypal which is my preference.

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Price Comparison

You can get some great bargains on Roseroseshop, and this comparison shows exactly why. The cushion I picked was listed twice, on listing was $13.59 and the other was $8.74 (a difference of $4.85) because the cheaper version comes without a box. This is definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the discount.


Etude House Any Cushion $8.74 + Shipping $5.03 = $13.77


Etude House Any Cushion $15.57 + Shipping $5.16 = $20.73


Etude House Any Cushion $14.98 + Shipping $2.50 = $17.48

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 25th of November, it was shipped on the 1st of December and arrived at my house on the 12th. There was a small delay in shipping due to one of the Etude House Galaxy palettes being out of stock and Black Friday sales, but I still think it's an acceptable wait time. They refunded the out of stock palette on the same day that they shipped the package too. Everything arrived unharmed and everything that I ordered arrived.

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Final Thoughts

As always, I enjoyed my shopping experience with Roseroseshop! I find that they have really great prices, ship quickly, and everything arrives unharmed with everything in the box that I ordered. I have been shopping with Roseroseshop since 2015 and I always come back to them. If you shop smart you can always get a bargain, just make sure that you check out the prices at other stores and I would recommend avoiding heavier items unless they are extremely discounted as the shipping fee will start to negate the lower prices.

Becca McAvinue