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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Testerkorea! I shop with Testerkorea quite often, but they are quite often very frustrating to deal with.

Website Practicality

I find Testerkorea aesthetically pleasing and pretty easy to navigate. I find it easy to sort through the items, you can sort by brand or item type. I found it easy to create a login, add items to my cart and checkout. Testerkorea offers worldwide shipping and payment via Paypal which is my preference.

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Price Comparison

Testerkorea's shipping price is through weight, but it is fairly inexpensive. For most items it does end up being a fairly inexpensive way to shop which is why I keep coming back to them.


Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet $7.01 + Shipping $3.94 = $10.95


Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet $6.12 + Shipping $5.03 = $11.15


Peripera Cloud Ink Velvet $8.48 + Shipping $2.50 = $10.98

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 25th of November, it was shipped on the 13th of December and arrived at my house on the 28th. That is a very long processing time before being sent. My items arrived in perfect condition, the items without boxes were bubble wrapped and Testerkorea sent 3 free samples to make up for the very long processing time.

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Final Thoughts

I shopped with Testerkorea 7 times in 2017 and their average pay to ship time frame is 7 days or more. Their FAQ's state that everything should be shipped within 3-7 days after payment, but it seems like every single order I place there is something that is out of stock and requires extra time to order in, but nothing is ever listed as out of stock. This time there were two items that were out of stock, but they chose to refund me at different times which is so bizzare. There was an item that I bought that was a Christmas gift, but it was one of the items that was out of stock at the time of purchasing, so it ended up being refunded and I was left to scramble last minute to get a replacement. Usually my packages arrive within 2 weeks, so by purchasing on the 25th of November, I theoretically should have had plenty of time to get everything to New Zealand. I can understand if things are out of stock once in a while, but it seems like my orders are delayed every single time that I make an order which gets really old really quick. I'll probably still shop with Testerkorea, but if you want something quick then I would not recommend Testerkorea.

Becca McAvinue