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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with KoreaDepart! I shop with KoreaDepart on a semi regular basis, I find that their product prices are fairly low and they stock some harder to find items, but their shipping is quite expensive!

Website Practicality

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I find KoreaDeparts website quite difficult to navigate and it always looks so busy. Since they also sell fashion, food and quite a lot of other things, it can be hard to search for cosmetics as it's not really their main focus. It does make me laugh that they include a section for "20's" and "30's" Overall, it's easy to create an account, fill my cart and check out. It's just not easy to find the items sometimes.

Price Comparison

The shipping price on Korea Depart is very high for the lowest tier which does push up the overall price quite high. The tiers are a little further apart than most stores, so you can get quite a good amount for the lowest tier. Korea Depart has the lowest product price, but highest shipping and overall price.

Korea Depart

Etude House Blush $3.89 + Shipping $9.09 = $12.98


Etude House Blush $5.46 + Shipping $2.50 = $8.92


Etude House Blush $4.04 + Shipping $4.98 = $9.02

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 25th of November, it was shipped on the 30th, and arrived at my house on the 18th of December. Two of my products were out of stock, so Koreadepart quickly refunded them, adjusted the shipping cost and sent out the items that were in stock. Koreadepart does include a printed receipt on the outside of the box detailing what is in it and how much it costs, so I do recommend staying under your customs limit because you will easily be caught out. Everything was bubble wrapped beautifully and nothing was harmed during transit.

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Final Thoughts

As usual, I enjoyed my shopping experience with Koreadepart! I do find the shipping price to be quite high, but since the product price is fairly low, it does even out if you purchase a couple of items at the same time and make sure that they're not too heavy. They generally ship quickly and everything arrives in one piece which is great. They do stock some harder to find items, so I would definitely recommend shopping with them if they have the items you need in stock!

Becca McAvinue