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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Beautynetkorea! I shop with BNK irregularly, I personally don't like the website and I'll complain about it in just a minute, but it does have some good prices and pretty quick shipping too!

Website Practicality

I thoroughly dislike the website practicality, the screen is too wide and I end up scrolling sideways for no reason and can't figure out of to fix the screen to the center. There are quite a few pop ups and scrolling sidebars which make the whole thing look so messy and overwhelming for me. You can filter through categories or brand, but you can't filter for specific types like "etude house cushions/foundations". Other than that, it's easy to add items to my cart and check out.

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Price Comparison

The prices on Beautynetkorea are actually quite good and even including the more expensive shipping option which includes tracking I end up getting a better deal with Beautynetkorea!


Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint $2.44 + Shipping $4.10 = $6.54


Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint $5.09 + Shipping $2.50 = $7.59


Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint $2.69 + Shipping $4.98 = $7.67

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 26th of January, it was shipped on the 30th of January and arrived at my house on the 9th of February. My orders are never delayed with Beautynetkorea, though I'm not sure if that's because I don't shop with them as often or if they're really good. Everything in my order was packaged well and nothing was harmed in transit.

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Final Thoughts

The major thing stopping me shopping with Beautynetkorea more often is the website. If they could make the website just a little more appealing and easy to use I would definitely shop with them on a more regular basis! The prices are actually great, the shipping well priced and my items get to me quickly and unharmed. I just don't like the website.

Becca McAvinue