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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Beautyboxkorea! I shop with BBK frequently, but they're not a store that I intentionally shop with. Quite often they have items in stock that I can't get other places, so out of a little desperation I do shop with them a few times per year.

Website Practicality

I personally dislike the beautyboxkorea website, I especially hate the scrolling side bar, it doesn't sit inside the perimeter of my screen, so if I actually want to click anything I can't because it sits below the screen which is pointless. It's fairly easy to browse the product type section, but the brand section can't be filtered through which does make it a little harder to use. The website looks a little busy, but it's not too bad. Overall it's pretty easy to find items (though the search bar eludes me sometimes), add them to my cart and check out.

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Price Comparison

The prices on Beautyboxkorea are good, but the shipping fee is quite high. This puts BBK as the highest overall price as well as the highest shipping price.


Etude House Tint $3.64 + Shipping $6.02 = $9.66


Etude House Tint $5.59 + Shipping $2.50 = $8.09


Etude House Tint $2.91 + Shipping $5.03 = $7.94

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 26th of January, it was shipped on the 1st of February and arrived at my house on the 9th of February. On of the items that I ordered was out of stock, but they refunded me after consulting me first to see if I would like to purchase something else instead or if I wanted to cancel the order. Everything arrived unharmed, though I do find it funny that they bubblewrap the outside of the box as well as plenty of bubble wrap inside.

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Final Thoughts

Although my shopping experience with Beautyboxkorea is usually fine, it's not a store that I gravitate towards. I also find that their stock levels are generally out, both orders this year have had items out of stock that have needed to be refunded which is quite frustrating. The website itself isn't my favourite, though it is functional. They are a reliable store and all my items get to me safely, but since the price is higher they're not a store that I choose to shop with unless I can't get the items from other stores for a cheaper price.

Becca McAvinue