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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with PinkIcon! I have shopped with PinkIcon quite a few times in the past and I have always enjoyed my shopping experience with them, so I thought I would review their store today!

Website Practicality

I personally enjoy PinkIcons website, it's very Princessey and pretty! I do wish that I was able to shop through lenses filtered by day wear/month/wear or year wear, but otherwise there are nice filters for lenses and other items. I found it easy to find my items, add them to my cart and check out.

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Price Comparison

The prices at Pinkicon are really good, and the shipping is fairly inexpensive too. EyeCandy doesn't usually offer free shipping, so normally Pinkicon would be the cheaper option.


LILMOON Cream Grege 3 Tone $22.40 + Shipping $4.62 = $27.02


LILMOON Cream Grege 3 Tone $26.21 + Shipping $0.00 = $26.21

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 11th of March, it was shipped on the 14th and arrived at my house on the 19th. Everything arrived within 8 days which is pretty incredible! Everything comes in a personalized bubble bag, and the lenses are also wrapped inside the bubble bag too. Everything arrived at my house unharmed!

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Final Thoughts

I absolutely enjoyed my shopping experience with PinkIcon as always! My favourite aspect of this store is how quick the shipping is, it's consistently 8-9 days which I think is amazing. They have a great range of lenses, I haven't really browsed the make up or wigs, but if you wear contact lenses they are definitely my favourite store to shop with!

Becca McAvinue