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Hello Princesses,

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Tokyo Kawaii Life or the Liz Lisa Official Online Store. I absolutely love the Himekaji style of clothing and fashion, but never really thought I would be able to wear it myself because most of the clothing is free size which is so not my size, and even though I'm at the bottom end of average in height at 163cm which I think is 5.3 or 5.4 feet a lot of the clothing would be too short to be appropriate for the jobs I work at. However, a lot of the Liz Lisa skirts have been getting longer which makes them work appropriate, and although I cannot fit the shirts still, I can fit the larger skirts so I have finally been able to shop with Liz Lisa. I initially made a purchase through the Japanese website using Tenso as a shipping service (and will be reviewing Tenso next month) Liz Lisa opened up an international store, so this is what I will be talking about today.

Website Practicality

I love the look of Tokyo Kawaii Life, it's very aesthetically pleasing to me and I find it quite easy to navigate. You can search for specific items, browse by clothing item, collection or even a sale section. I found it easy to create an account, find items and add them to my cart and check out. The only thing I wish they would add is a shipping estimate, to get the shipping price you have to get to the very end of the checkout, and if you want to compare the prices from there you must continuously go back and re load the page. Check out the video above to see this in action.

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Price Comparison

Since Tokyo Kawaii Life is the only proper international stockist (not including resell sites or their Ebay which doesn't ship to NZ) there is no reason to compare prices.

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order on the 2nd of April, it was shipped on the 5th of April and arrived at my house on the 17th of April. I chose the cheapest shipping option and found that it arrived in a decent amount of time. My boots were unharmed even though they were not bubble wrapped.

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Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my shopping experience with Liz Lisa, though the one thing that the international store lacks in comparison to the Japanese store is the free shipping tier. The international store does not offer free shipping, and considering that the shipping isn't extremely cheap in the first place it is a shame, but it still ends up being cheaper than using Tenso to ship items over. I absolutely adore these boots, though the platform at the front is surprisingly high, I'm not sure that I would get very much wear out of these outside of the house unless I got a very tall boyfriend since they increase my height substantially, but they are so pretty to look at and take photos of! In my previous Liz Lisa order I did purchase some clothing, so if you guys are interested to see how Liz Lisa clothing looks on someone who is larger than the average HimeKaji model then let me know and I will make a video.

Becca McAvinue